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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. How did (Michael) Boley do today?

A. We wanted him to get a little bit of work and he took some individual. (Antonio) Pierce took individual and about half the snaps, so that was a good sign, too

Q. No Osi (Umenyiora) or (David) Diehl?

A. (David) Diehl, they are just dealing with an injury, he is right here. They didn't want him to come out and stand around. Osi (Umenyiora) was here this morning earlier and there must have been something of a personal nature, left. I haven't personally talked to him; he did respond to Jerry (Reese), evidently by text. That's all I have. I haven't seen him so I can't tell you. I can't indicate to you what the reason was or anything, because I don't know.

Q. This is of an unexcused variety, his absence?

A. Yeah, he didn't speak to me before he left.

Q. (David) Diehl's injury?

A. Diehl has just been dealing with a patella tendinitis kind of thing for the whole training camp really. What the doctors wanted to try to do was relieve some of that so next week he can work. As of today, he is not scheduled to practice or play in this game.

Q. (Kenny) Phillips?

A. He had some swelling, like he had in training camp. They had to deal with that after the game. That is why he is not working.

Q. Danny Ware's ribs?

A. He feels better, he feels better. He couldn't practice today but he feels better than he did yesterday, so that is a good sign.

Q. (Guy) Whimper and (Brandon) Jacobs when they went down, anything serious?

A. I don't think with Jacobs, he obviously came back and practiced. Whimper evidently has a little bit of a hip flexor. Hopefully that will come around, will have to come around quick.

Q. (Andrew) Carnahan?

A. He twisted his knee and went down. Both of those guys are over seeing the doctor. I won't know until I get word on that.

Q. How concerned are you about this Osi (Umenyiora) thing?

A. I don't know, we will see. We will have to talk to him when he gets back. Obviously he is not here, so I am concerned.

Q. Sinorice Moss said he was confused on why he didn't play the other night and felt he deserved an answer. Does he deserve an answer?

A. He is welcome to come see me any time he wants. He didn't play? I thought he played. He is welcome to come and speak with me any time he wants.

Q. Did you know he was upset or concerned about that?

A. No, I did not.

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