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Coach Tom Coughlin


Tom Coughlin

September 2, 2011

Q: Do you have an update on the cuts?

A: No.

Q: Any other injuries besides Clint Sintim?

A: There is a bunch of sore this and sore that but nothing major.

Q: What was the final diagnosis on Clint?

A: The worst, the ACL and torn Patella tendon. I feel bad for Clint.

Q: What is Beckum's injury?

A: It is an ankle injury and if he would have played last night and reinjured it, it would have put him in jeopardy for next week. Same thing with Danny Ware, his back, and if something happened and he couldn't work Monday, it would not have been a smart move.

Q: Will Osi be playing in the opener?

A: We will see. Every day, he looks better and better.

Q: What is Osi doing?

A: He is working in the rehab center.   

Q: Any update on Tynes?

A: He kicked this morning and seemed to do ok. We will see how he is doing tomorrow morning and see how that goes.

Q: How about the punting competition?

A: It is good, very good, and we will benefit from that.

Q: Do you know who you will pick between the two punters?

A: I'm not free to share that with you right now. I have not had that talk with myself yet, to be honest with you.

Q: Are you relieved that this offseason and preseason is behind you and you can finally get started?

A: I don't know if that is the word. It is very clear what is in front of us. Hopefully there wouldn't be anything that changes that. There is no reason to look back and worry about what you didn't accomplish or the different circumstances that evolved during the course of training camp. You just have to do your best and move on. We are ready to do that.

Q: What changes did you have to make this last week?

A: As you know, we usually play our starters for a while in the last game and we didn't really do that. Having said that, maybe they played a little longer in the third game, so maybe it works out.

Q: Have you seen enough from Sage Rosenfels?

A: Well we certainly know a lot about Sage and how he works. Quite frankly, he played the first preseason game and wasn't feeling well so that all will be taken into consideration.

Q: Is his back something to be worried about?

A: No. I think he is making progress. Let's hope it stays that way.

Q: How do you make cuts? Do you call the agents, or do you speak with each player?

A: You tell them all yourself. You call them all to the building. You have a few moments with them and you express yourself to them and wish them well and so on and so forth. The agents are called, I don't call them but I'm sure they are called.   

Q: Do some hurt more then others?

A: Yes, big time.  

Q: Does it get any easier after all these years?

A: No, tomorrow is a three Advil morning.  

Q: Does the staff meet all night tonight?

A: No, we will meet this afternoon after we look at the tape. Then Jerry and I meet and then we will meet with ownership. We usually spend the night thinking about the harder ones and come back in the morning and finalize it.

Q: Do you expect some deals to be made tonight?

A: Who knows, I don't know what's going on phone call wise. I haven't really had an opportunity to be brought up to date on any of that stuff. 

Q: Do you feel like you have had enough time on this?

A: That's not a fair question. You're always inclined to look at all the cuts and all that stuff. After we look at where we are after the cuts, then we will know all our needs still may be. That's not something I would share with you anyway.   

Q: How about the young linebackers?

A: I was really happy with the way we came back last night with all those young players. The simple matter being that the week before, I didn't think we were quite as grounded as we were last night. They hung in there last night and it wasn't pretty. The early part of the game was awful but they hung in there and everybody hung in there and kept playing. That was a plus.

Q: Can a comeback like that get somebody a job?

A: Somewhere along the line, it always does. Along with all the accumulated information that you have, yes.  

Q:What have you seen from the linebackers?

A: Development and progress.

Q: Can you talk about the fake punt? Da'Rel Scott said he talked you into it.

A: It was the idea and circumstance. The fact that time was out and (Tom) Quinn and I stood there looking at the situation and we decided to do it. If it is there, we will do it. Both teams were trying to look at the return game and we kind of had an idea of what to expect.

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