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Coach Tom Coughlin


Opening Remarks:

We did vote for captains yesterday. We have three. Special teams, Zak DeOssie. Defense is [Justin] Tuck. And offense is Eli Manning.

Q: How is Tuck?

A: Says he's better every day, but at this point he hasn't practiced the way we would like him to. Tomorrow is another day.

Q: Did he sit out from practice today?

A: He did. Actually because we're in pads, that makes it worse. Yesterday he did all of the individuals. Today he did stuff over here.

Q: The neck is a dangerous area.

A: We're trying to get it absolutely pain-free and it's not quite that way. That's the obvious reason. A setback and we have some issues.

Q: He had a MRI and all the tests done?

A: Yeah.

Q: In watching the film of the Redskins, is there any one part that has captured your eye?

A: No. Not any one thing. I think that different areas, obviously, with improvement.

Q: Do you have a sense of how they'll use Cofield?

A: Well, right now he's been playing on the nose, been playing in the sub packages as well.

Q: Is it weird to see one of your old guys in a different uniform or do you get used to it?

A: I think at first it was, but you're right, you see a couple games and you start to get used to it.

Q: How do you expect your team to react to the pregame ceremonies? Will you calm them down before kickoff?

A: We will say some things leading up to the game and the circumstances and 9/11 and what our thoughts are on that. We will make them aware of whatever the pregame ceremonies are going to be. We'll make them aware of that.

Re: On playing on 9/11.

A: There are going to be emotions, no doubt. I feel very strongly on this subject, as most of you know. I would be one to stand up and say for all of America not to ever forget 9/11, what happened to our country. I think we all have a responsibility to be on the alert now. That's changed our lives in that way. We always salute the families that lost loved ones on 9/11, the three locations, and the heroic firemen and policemen and emergency people that were there, trying to save others. We always recognize that. Personally, I've been involved with traveling to Iraq to witness that particular battle against terrorism first-hand. Of course in my own family, we're blessed that our son was able to get out of the second tower. And I think that once he was safe, all of our emotions turned to those who weren't as fortunate as we were.

Q: Does Greg Jones' new role on defense take away from his role on special teams?

A: He'll have some special teams responsibilities.

Q: Not as many?

A: Probably not.

Q: Will your family come to the game?

A: I don't think so.

Q: Any idea who the punt returner is going to be?

A: We'll go right up to game time. We've had three or four people back there this week and all of them seem to handle the ball pretty well.

Q: Is Hixon's knee a concern in that role?

A: No, he's ready.

Q: You didn't sign any veteran linebackers yesterday. What does that say about Greg Jones?

A: It's a combination of things. We have great confidence in Greg [Jones] and all of our young linebackers. Depending on how our numbers go, we are down a number, that's going to be filled. We did some work earlier in the week with some tryout people and we did some yesterday as well. Two players (Kawika Mitchell and Chase Blackburn) that I have great respect and admiration for, that have been a huge part of this program.

Q: Are your players ready to put the injuries behind them?

A: I think if you saw yesterday's practice, you'd certainly feel that way. Yesterday, I thought, had great energy, had great enthusiasm, great excitement for the game week. Today I think we were in full pads, it was warm, we had some enthusiasm, but we were not quite as energetic as we were yesterday.

Q: Will you sign another linebacker?A: That's not necessarily the case. As I just said, the number's going to come from somewhere on that side of the ball. Hopefully we'll do it by our choice and not by some other reason.

Q: You said you had great confidence in Greg Jones. How can a coach say that about a rookie? A: Because I know he's a physical football player that loves to play, wants to do right, that will spend the time and the energy. We all understand that he's going to make mistakes. Hopefully they are going to be mistakes that the other guy doesn't capitalize on.

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