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Coach Tom Coughlin


Tom Coughlin

September 9, 2011

Q: How is Justin Tuck?

A: Tuck practiced limited but he practiced. He moved around pretty good so we will see.

Q: Did he improve from yesterday?

A: I am sure he was still cautious but he went out and played. We were in shells so it was a lot of hand to hand contact but that was about it. He did go out and he did practice and he did run around. He took his snaps.  

Q: Was the reason why he didn't practice yesterday because it was full pads?

A: Yes

Q: Is there a mystery as to what the injury is?

A: No.  

Q: Would he be allowed to practice if there was contact involved?

A: If he was allowed to do this, he is beyond a certain point and obviously and hopefully he is going to continue. A lot will depend on tomorrow because when you run around full speed, you are not aware and you are … around out there. It will be good to see tomorrow.

Q: Did you get an idea of how the new kickoff rules will impact the game from last night's game?

A: No I didn't. I saw a little bit of the first half but that was it. I think you have to make decisions on how deep you are going to bring the ball out and there will be those kinds of decisions. 

Q: Is it on the off returner or the back returner?

A: The off returner and the returner. The off returner has to indicate to the returner whether to bring it out or not. In preseason a lot of that gets ignored.

Q: Do you say when it's this deep then don't come out?

A: Not yet but maybe this afternoon. That is the number and that may be the spot, but I am not confirming that right now.

Q: Is it a hang time thing as well?

A: Line drives, you are probably going to come out.

Q: How much of a benefit is the 46th player?

A: It is going to be very beneficial. Anything you can have to help you on special teams alone is a huge plus. 

Q: Is it more beneficial to you because you normally don't carry a third QB?

A: Yes, it is in that regard, certainly.   

Q: If Justin can't go, will you put Kiwi at DE?

A: Possibly

Q: How would that affect the linebacker position?

A: You would be playing one short.

Q: Will Tuck be listed as questionable?

A: Questionable, yes, and we had a little problem with Beckum, too. He felt his hamstring tightenup so we will probably list him as questionable also.

Q: Are you aware of the comments by Plaxico?

A: No, I am not really all that concerned. I'm sure it was some not so grandiose statements but I don't know anything about that. I really am not interested in it, either.

Q: What do you say to Greg Jones before the game to calm his nerves and reassure him?

A: Go get them. Go get them, son. I am with you all the way. You just try to make sure he settles and settles in there a little bit more and that he feels better about his job.

Q: Is there something that he can do to calm you?

A: Yes, if he runs through the line of scrimmage and splatters the running back and steals the ball and runs in the end zone, I will be real happy.

Q: Is it the same injury for Travis Beckum?

A: I don't know.

Q: Did you reach some closure in your meeting with Plaxico?

A: I don't know what that word means.  We were trying to decide whether and to what extent would we make an offer. It wasn't about closure, it was about business. It is about going forward and that is what this is about.

Q: Did you have any idea he wasn't going to sign with you?

A: No. Not at all.

Q: What is your level of anxiety going into this game?

A: How am I sleeping? Not too good. Thank you for asking.

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