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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: How is Manningham?

A: He is going to have to have further tests and further evaluation.

Q: Is that a setback?

A: I don't know. Today is just a jog-through and he has been in the meetings and so on and so forth.Q: Will Aaron Ross be returning punts?

A: He will be back there.

Q: Is that saying anything about his spot at corner?

A: No, he is going to have dual roles and where need be, we will spell him. We have to get some other people ready.Q: Did you bring another receiver in?

A: NoQ: Do you plan to?

A: We will see.Q: Do you have two game plans if Vick doesn't play?

A: You have one plan and will have to make adjustments to the plan.Q: Does losing six straight to the Eagles weigh on you?

A: What I'm trying to do, okay, that was last year, this is this year. That's the position I'm trying to take. We're certainly aware of the fact what has taken place in the past. But we're trying not to let that affect us right now as we prepare for this one.

Q: Do you think Vick will play?

A: My response is that if it is at all possible, Michael Vick will play.

Q: Do you expect Osi to practice?

A: It is day to day, to be honest with you.

Q: How is Beckum?

A: He is going to practice.

Re: significance of this week's game

A: Every game is equally important. This is a divisional game. It has added importance and whatever team you are playing in the division, it is a rival game. These teams have been playing each other for a long, long time. There is passion and all kind of things involved. Being in the division is important but every game is critical. A win is a win and that is what we are doing this for. As these injuries come along, like I've said a thousand times, unfortunately, we understand and we feel bad for the player that is hurt. Domenik worked so hard to get back. He is a great guy and a true pro. He studies and he works hard. He is great to his teammates. He is very reinforcing to everyone around him. He carries himself with class and distinction and for a guy like that to make a great play and then be done for the season, that is a difficult blow. If he was standing here, he would be telling his teammates to keep going. Let's go and the next guy in line has to step up and play better. We have to all do our jobs better and that is the position we are going to take.

Q: Is Osi practicing today?

A: I don't think so. It is a jog-through.

Q: Is he having a setback?

A: It is day to day, I don't know what to tell you. One day it looks good and the next day it is not as good. We are just doing what the medical people are trying to keep us informed about.

Q: Do you think he will play?

A: It is day to day. Do I hope? Sure.

Q: Do you have a comment to the NFL sending out a memo to all the teams about faking injuries?

A: None whatsoever.

Q: Has the NFL talked to the team?

A: No, not me.

Q: Are you aware if they spoke to the team?

A: No.

Q: Is Aaron Ross mentally ready?

A: I think he is.

Q: Do you plan on talking to him?

A: I was planning on seeing him this morning but I didn't get a chance to talk to him. He is going to come in and visit with me and we will have it all straightened out. He wants to do the right thing.Q: Do you plan to have another punt returner?

A: No plan to change that at this point. (Aaron) has always wanted to do that. He has always wanted to be a punt returner. We will have other people that can do it.

Q: Was Manningham better yesterday?

A: I said he looked better. He felt better and he feels better even now but he has to go through a whole bunch of things and every one of them has to be signed off on. That is not the case just yet so we will have to wait. The way, from what I understand, it is supposed to go, it has and we have no update at this time.Re: punt returner

A: We have guys who have caught punts. We have four or five of them. Now we are going to figure out who is going to be second, who will be third in line. I really haven't figured out who is active and who is inactive this week, so that will have something to do with it also. Maybe Jernigan is back in the picture.

Q: Do you think Stokley is ready for a bigger role?

A: Yes, and now you can recognize why and a lot of the young guys are going to learn a lot from him.Q: Has Jernigan improved on punt returns in practice?

A: Yes, and he has improved catching the ball.

Q: Can Stokley play on the outside?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you engage the players that are on IR?

A: If I see them, we talk but engage them to help the other players, sure. There is no doubt about it but is it just that when they are cast in that role, it is a different role. They are not in meetings and most of them are in surgery or rehabbing from it. That makes it a little different to.

Q: Do you care if they remain here?

A: There are a couple schools of thought on that. Some of the guys are very good at helping and mentoring and tutoring and other guys, quite frankly, are not. It depends on the individual but do we like them around, sure we like them around.

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