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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: How is Manningham?

A: He couldn't practice so we will see. We will continue to follow protocol and as soon as he is clear, he will go.Q: Do you have an update on his condition?

A: No.

Q: Will he be available for Sunday?

A: I would not even address it. 

Q: Has he been here?

A: Yes, he is in meetings.

Q: Does he need to practice?

A: Everyone needs to practice to play. Depending on how well he reacts to the material, we would make a decision on if he did play, what would be the role.

Q: Did Osi practice?

A: No.

Q: Without Manningham, does Cruz move into that spot?

A: You have Brandon Stokley. You have Cruz. You have Jernigan. You have Thomas. We would still have five.

Q: That's a big leap to go to an every down guy?

A: That is all part of it. When you are called upon, you have to rise up to the occasion and that is what we are counting on.

Q: Did you talk to Aaron Ross?

A: I did and that remains private.

Q: Do you like how he responded?

A: I liked what we discussed yesterday.Q: Is he still the starting corner?

A: Yes.  Q: What have you seen from Jernigan?

A: He has done better when we used him in practice and even pre-practice he has done well. At some point, he will be that guy. I would say from the time you saw him in preseason, he is better.

Q: Do young guys like Jernigant sometimes need a shake up?

A: Sure, but I don't know if you would call a shake up. It is a young guy trying to win a job in a not very easy spot. I think it just takes more time. 

Q: The Eagles shuffled their linebackers around this week. Do you have to go back to last year's tape to prepare for that?

A: After we studied in the offseason, we are pretty good on that. I think Fokou played in there against us as a starter in the middle. They shuffled them around and we do have a little exposure to those guys.

Q: Are they different this year?

A: They are different. It depends on what exactly you are talking about. The defensive style is a little bit different. Their offense is basically what it has been. Special teams includes a new return man in the kickoff return area and a rookie. The punt return is the same. 

Q: Is Aaron Ross struggling to get back to his old form?

A: I don't think so but it is a legitimate question. To play down in and down out rather then in a sub-package but I think he would say to you that is not an issue right now. He feels good about where he is.

Q: What about his confidence?

A: We have talked about it when we sat down and visited but that is not the only thing we talked about. He is pretty confident in his ability.  Q: Do you have any comment on Bryan Kehl saying that Perry Fewell teaches players to fake injuries?

A: I have no comment.

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