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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: How is Manningham?

A: He is actually doing another test as we speak. It is protocol. You have to pass all these things.Q: Did he get hurt on the catch?

A: He said that was one part of it and he says there were two other parts. It is more then just the catch that you saw.

Q: Is he seeing a third party?

A: I believe he is. That is a part of the protocol. I think he has seen him or that is what he is doing now. All I know, and rightfully so, someone with a head injury has to go through protocol for him to get back on the field and that is what he is trying to do.

Q: Why did you bring back Michael Clayton?

A: We just thought that it would be better for us to have a little more security at that spot in case we need it.

Q: Will Tuck play Sunday?

A: Yes. He had a death in the family. He has had a tough Fall because he has had a couple family members die. 

Q: What happened to David Baas yesterday?

A: He was just sore. He is good to go.

Q: How about Kennedy?

A: He is good to go.

Q: What have you seen from Jacobs this Fall?

A: Power. He has probably caught the ball more consistently. He has always been good in terms of team and he continues to do that. He has played well when given the opportunity.  Q: Have this week's practices been good?

A: Today, yes and the last two days, yes.

Q: Are you moving Cruz to the outside?

A: We have different guys that can do that. Jernigan is a possibility, too.Q: How has the offense been developing?

A: We just have to keep working at it. The execution is a work in progress. We have to keep improving and get better. Hopefully this game will be an improvement over what we did last week. .  Q: Are you preparing as if Vick will be the quarterback?

A: I think you do. He is practicing, so you start there, certainly.

Q: Do you think he will stay in the pocket to protect himself?

A: I would think so but he will use whatever he has to use and instinctively, he will do whatever he has to do as well.  

Q: Do you think the Philly defense is open to big plays in the running game?

A: I just read what all you people want to talk about. You have to understand what they are trying to do, first of all, and I am not going to explain it to you.  

Q: How much has Stokley picked up?

A: He has learned the game plan.  

Q: Do you feel comfortable with Stokley out wide as opposed to the slot?

A: I think he would prefer to be in there and we prefer him to be there but if it is not a call for the slot to be available, then he has to play the other spot. He can do it.Q: Do you think your receivers can get separation from their DB's?

A: We have to. We are going down to play as well as we can play and it is a great opportunity for them.

Q: How has Beckum been this week?

A: To be honest with you, he has come back without any fall off in his learning. He has gone back out there and conducted himself as he did before he was injured. He has picked up where he left off, which is a good thing. 

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