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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: How do you feel about the long snappers?A: Outstanding. The two or three guys have done well.

Q: Do you think they will go on Sunday?A: I think Zak will be our snapper.

Q: Why didn't he practice today?A: Precaution.

Q: Do you really think they looked ok?A: They haven't been all perfect but when we go punt team and it is for real, they have gotten the ball there.

Q: How has Osi looked?A: He has looked good.

Q: Do you think he will be ready?A: We will see.

Q: What kind of performance do you expect out of Osi?A: I would expect a good one just based on how he plays and his ability range.

Q: Is Tuck practicing a good sign?A: He got some snaps.

Q: Do players need to practice to play on Sunday's?A: They all need to practice. In order to be sharp in the game, you need the reps. You need the times when things are going and you are going full speed and you are reacting without a whole lot of thinking. If you don't practice, then you don't get that.

Q: Does it look like Osi has missed a month?A: Don't forget that he has had some little opportunities so it is not a complete month a way, I have been impressed by what he has been able to do. The fact that he has come right back out.

Q: What did you see out of Kenny Phillips?A: He has had a good week of practice.

Q: How has he done this season?A: He has played well. He has done fine.

Q: Have you noticed anything different from JPP?A: No, not at all.

Q: How much will Mario Manningham being back impact what you will see?A: I think it will be relatively balanced. It depends on the situation and where the ball is and what a team's tendencies are. Sometimes, depending where you are on the field, you can expect some double coverage and other times you expect for it not to be that way and you have to create that kind of balance. I think if we can get more people on the field, then people would have to respect certain things about each individual player. It helps balance it up.




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