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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: How much did Justin Tuck do today?

A: He was limited. He got in there and rotated and moved in and out.

Q: Do you have a sense of how he is feeling?

A: No, we have to see how he does after practice and tomorrow morning and see how he comes back.

Q: What about Brandon Jacobs?

A: He didn't work today. I think he wanted to work but they said give him another day.

* *

Q: Is it swelling in his knee?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you think he will play Sunday?

A: We will see how that goes.

Q: How aware were you before about players who had stingers?

A: I have been aware of that for a long time. You can go years without any serious one and then you can go another time when you have them. All of a sudden someone gets hit the wrong way or they get themselves in a position that they weren't really expecting or defending themselves or prepared for and then you have one. Anytime you have a nerve involved, it takes time. It is very slow to come all the way back.

Q: What do you lose with Kevin Boothe in there?

A: The thing you don't lose is the savvy and intelligence and the ability to make the call. He has been a guy that has learned multiple positions since he has been here. He is very sharp and he will direct traffic in there. He will play well and he has always played well when he has been put in that spot. 

Q: Have you noticed a difference in him?

A: No question he has changed his body type.

Q: Do you expect a different determination from Mario Manningham this week after sharing time with Victor Cruz last week?

A: I think Mario played a lot and it is not like he didn't play a lot. We want it competitive. We want it to be at your best with consequence.

Q: Do you think he is frustrated?

A: I don't know anything about that. I hope that it is reflected by his study and preparation when he plays Sunday.

Q: Will he start?

A: They all play.  

* *

Q: Have you thought about sitting Justin?

A:   I leave that up to the medical people. Justin wants to be back on the field and the medical people want to get him back on the field. I know it is frustrating when you start back and you get a setback. We are trying to get our best people on the field and he is trying to get on the field. We will fight our way through it and hopefully without any major setbacks again.

* *

Q: Was there anything serious with Corey Webster yesterday?

A: No.

* *

Q: How do you feel about Chad Jones' 40 yard time?

A: I have to give him a call. I like to see that because he is a good kid. It is just a sad circumstance for him but he is determined to fight his way back. If he has come that far, God bless him. He is in the right direction.

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