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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: How is Jacobs?

A: He didn't practice.

Q: Is he not progressing like you thought? Originally you thought he might work yesterday or today.

A: I thought he would but that just hasn't been the case.

Q: How does not having Jacobs affect the game plan?

A: It affects it but again it is an opportunity for someone else to step in and do the job.Q: What do you see out of D.J. Ware? Can he step up?

A: There is no question that he knows what to do. He will be ready to go.

Q: Did Brandon have a setback?

A: I don't know if it is a setback but there is some swelling and it has not subsided.

Q: Did Tuck have a setback yesterday?

A: Yes, he did. The groin is the irritating thing right now. We will have to see

Q: Do you see guys grabbing his neck on tape?

A: I just think that happens. It is a part of the game and I am not going to say if it is intentional or not. There is a lot of that going on.Q: What kind of back is D.J. Ware?A: He is powerful.

  in there?

A: He has been in there before and Kevin has done well. We like to think that we are on course to stay basically the same.

Q: How do you feel about the running game?

A: We practiced hard, we focused on it, and we have talked about it. This is a very good run defense so let's face it. We are facing an eight or nine man front depending on how many you put up there so there is nothing easy about it. That has been proven by people that have played against Seattle in the first four games. There are challenges but we have to get ourselves going. Again, it is about our team. It is about our players and our team doing a better job of this.


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