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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: When do you plan on filling the extra roster spot?

A: We will see.  

Q: By tomorrow?

A: Perhaps 

Q: Are you going to need a new snapper?

A: We are going to see what happens here and see where Zak's progression is.

Q: He has not been cleared?

A: Not at this moment. However there is plenty of light for this day so we will see.

Q: Could you go into the game with Cordle as your long snapper?

A: Possibly. 

Q: How is Chris Snee?

A: Chris is a little bit better each day but still has his moments. 

Q: Did something happen to Deon Grant?

A: Not that I know of.  

Q: Are you concerned about Brandon Jacobs?

A: Obviously in the beginning I was not thinking it would be an issue like this. He had swelling so they tried to keep him off his feet so he doesn't swell. He gets treatment all day long but so far it hasn't really taken care of the swelling.

Q: Has Da'Rel Scott come up to you and said 'get me the ball?'

A: No, he is just a rookie so he is not quite that courageous yet.

Q: What have you seen from him so far?

A: We like him. He can do whatever (we ask). He catches the ball from the receiver position. He goes out and will play in the slot. He will play on special teams. He obviously has speed from the backfield and has pretty good size.

Q: If Brandon can't play, what would it take from Scott to get a chance in the backfield?

A: It is the idea to get him some plays. We had a play for him last week which obviously did not materialize. We do have a few things that we would take a look at him in that spot.

Q: Is Scott Chandler doing the same things that he did when he was here?

A: It is a different offense and he has played well. If you look at him in the green zone and he has done a nice job down there, he is a guy that could always maneuver and catch the ball. He has certainly played well. 

Q: Has Ahmad Bradshaw expressed to you frustration that the running game hasn't gotten untracked?

A: No. I am hoping that Ahmad would take whatever energy and pump it into his teammates because he is very energetic.

* *

Q: Are the running backs hitting the holes?

A:  There is an occasional drift when the ball should be taken where it was originally intended. Even though you may be seeing different colors, there is not much to be made going outside. East and West is normally not the answer.

Q: Is there anything more that can be done outside of rest for Jacobs?

A:  As far as I know, nothing more has been indicated right now.

Q: Is there a chance he may practice this week?

A:  I hope so. We thought maybe today was an outside chance.

* *

Q: How important is it to have guys like Bear and Tollefson and Kiwanunka and the flexibility they provide with so many injuries to this team?

A:  At the very beginning, we talked about guys with flexibility and versatility. To have versatility is extremely important, to have the kind of attitude that guys have to do whatever they can do no matter where it is that they play in order to help us win. There is no question that is a huge part of it.

* *

Q: Is it possible for a player to master several positions?

A:  Yes, I think you see down through the history of the league, there are always guys that were thought of that way. They were needed and they went and played well. It is a specialist league but if you can adapt under circumstances such as injuries, then you can go ahead and move forward with your team.   

* *

Q: How has Bear looked at fullback?

A: Well, Bear has always had some snaps there and he has had some opportunities on scout team to do that. He has had his reps.


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