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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: Was Zak practicing today?

A: Zak was, yes.

Q: Will he be playing Sunday?

A: We will see. He still has a little bit to go but I am optimistic.

Q: Do you expect to have someone fill Jimmy Kennedy's spot Sunday?

A: We expect to have 53. By rule, you have to have that.

Q: Will you bring up someone from the practice squad?

A: That is a reach but we will see. We will have a guy.  

Q: Will Boothe play right guard?

A: He goes to right guard but it depends on how the David Baas thing plays out.  

Q: Were you satisfied with what you saw from Boothe last week?

A: I was. Kevin can play center and he can play guard. He has those creditable qualities about him of versatility and we have won games with him in there.  

Q: Did Baas have a setback?

A: No.

Q: Can Boothe step in at guard next to Baas and be as effective as your normal lineup?

A: I think so but I don't think it would be like you played side-by-side for eight years. It will still be good.

Q: What kind of pressure can Fred Jackson put on a defense?

A: Run and pass, he has it all. He is having an outstanding year and is an excellent screen runner. He can flank out in empty and being able to do the things that he did like in New England. Running the ball and the big thing is run after first contact because half his yards and runs are after first contact. You have to tackle well.  

Q: Will Jacobs play?

A: No

Q: Will D.J. Ware get the ball more?

A: We will see.

Q: Is Tuck out as well?

A: Yes.

Q: Has Mitch Petrus taken a step back or has he just gotten caught up in the numbers?

A: No he has been there all along but the two people that have dressed on game days are Andrews and Boothe. Now that Baas is back, we will go from there but no he hasn't taken a step back. I would like him to play better but that is true for everybody.  

* *

Q: Have you seen the Bills do much of just two defensive linemen?

A: There is one personnel combination that they use. It is not just two, it is normally three. They have that combination.

* *

Q: How hard is it for Chris Snee to deal with the concussion?

A: He never expresses the fact when he is nicked. He doesn't miss anything and he takes great pride in that and everyone feeds off of that. We do as coaches, the fact that he will be there and the reliability factor. Quite frankly, he has spent the week trying to feel better so I am sure as he feels better, the idea of him not playing is going to set in and he is not going to be real happy about that.  

* *

Q: Has he been here?

A:  Yes.  

* *

Q: How much pressure is it because he is your son in law?

A:  I separate the two. When I see him here, he doesn't want anything different so it is easy. He is tough and you don't have great conversations with him anyway. I think he told me a week or two ago, what difference does it make because I am playing anyway. That is kind of the way he expresses himself but I will check up on him every once in a while.  I have my source.

* *

Q: Are you optimistic that he will be better with the bye week coming up?

A:  Yes he gets better every day.

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