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Coach Tom Coughlin


Opening Remarks

It was good to have them back. They were an energetic group this morning and that is a good thing. They have been away and had a chance to get away from it. Now they are back and it is time to get re-focused.

Q: How was Ramses Barden today

A: We listed him as limited but he took probably one-third of the snaps.

Q: Will he be off PUP?

A: We will see.

Q: What is the status of Adam Koets?

A: He has had other developments, his back is an issue so he is not ready to start.    

Q: Is it uplifting to see all the injured players back on the field?

A:  It is something that we have been looking for. I don't know if uplifting would be the word. It is a good sign to have guys out there. Hopefully we will have the consistency of all these guys practicing and it will give us extra gas in our tank.

Q: How did Adam Koets hurt his back?

A: I could not tell you. It has been a process that has gone on for quite some time now. It just hasn't cleared up in about five weeks. You can't put a number on it because I am not sure when it showed up. It has been a lengthy thing for him.

Q: Was Prince able to do a lot today?

A: He did a little bit and we will have to bring him along slowly.  

Q: How is Chris Snee?

A: He seemed well.

Q: Is Justin Tuck significantly better?

A: It seemed like it. We will see how they are tomorrow with the guys who are coming back. We tried to stay away from getting anybody in a position where they would be sore. We will have to see.

Q: How does it feel to have the whole offensive line back?

A: It will be a good thing.  

Q: Why have you had so much success after the bye?

A: I don't know. I don't chart it that way but hopefully it is because we come back and we are re-focused and ready to go. If anything, the preparation should be better. Here we are after six games so we actually have a 10-game schedule. Here we go.

* *

Q: Does Brandon Jacobs still have swelling in his knee?

A: As of this morning, he was doing pretty well.  

Q: Are you game planning today?

A: Yes, we will jump on that right now.  

* *

Q: Do you feel like you needed a break personally?

A: The bye is where the bye is and I don't have anything to do with it. We take it as it is and we use it as a positive. Hopefully everybody comes back naturally refreshed. They have been away for a few days and been with their families. A lot of them got away from here so it should be a good thing.

Q: How do you feel about facing a winless team?

A: I am concerned about our team. We want to get our team in the best position we can possibly be in. Work on the best preparation and work on the areas that we need to improve. We need to understand what Miami will bring to the table when they come in here and be ready and prepared.

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