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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: Have you replaced Janzen Jackson on the roster?**
A: Not yet

Q: Was he just not working out or you had somebody else in mind?
A: Probably more of that.

Q: More that you had someone else in mind?
A: More that he didn't play as well as we thought he should have played, so
maybe we can do something about that.

Q: Why wasn't Martin Parker practicing?
A: They are down in New York at the hospital.

Q: And when did he?
A: He's had a little nagging problem all along, so he's down there being checked

Q: Did you say they are down at the hospital, is there more than one?
A: Well, he's down there.

Q: Is anyone else down there?
A: Not right now, they were down and left.

Q: Who was down and left?
A: I don't know I'll have to check. He was down there, Shaun Rogers was down
there, I think that's it.

Q: Any results on Shaun Rogers?
A: Not that I know of yet.

Q: Tom, what are your impressions of Herzlich and the job he's doing in what
you're asking him?
A: He's been better, he's working hard. He played a lot of snaps in the game, which is good for him. He's smart and he's physical and picking it up well. I think he's
advancing and getting better.

Q: Do you think teams are going to go after Prince a little bit, early on?
A: … That's all he needs. Make a couple of those. That was a nice play. That interception was a nice play. Well done. His teammates will look at that and not as
much heat will be sent his way. They still kid about it.

Q: Is he stronger this year?
A Prince?

Q: Yeah.
A He's a strong kid. Bigger. Strong corner. Nice sized corner.

Q: Are you any closer on Nicks?
A We're getting there. He wants to go. I think he's talking… He's doing well enough in his drills. It'll be soon.

Q: Do you think this week?
A: We'll have to wait and see.

Q: Tom, it's Jets pre-season week. Does it bother you at all that SportsCenter put up a set down there? They get a lot of headlines. Does that bother you at all?A: I'm worried about us. I'm worried about our team. I don't know what's going on, really. I'm trying to keep track of a couple people in our division, but otherwise, we're trying to think about our team.

Q: Build the bridge?A: Build the bridge.

Q: Is that your invention?
A: That was my little group. Took a while to get to that one, but we got there. I had to explain it. A lot of you guys didn't get it. That's the problem. Serby, I know,
didn't get it.

Q: Did the players understand it?A: After I spent an hour with them. They got it, they got it.

Q: You always talk about, 'you have to turn the page.' Obviously, you want to extract a lot of the good. That's the whole message, right?
A: Six games. They played pretty well. New season. Can we bring these six over? Leave the first 14 back where they were, with the exception of a few. Let's bring the good things forward. It's like when I showed them the list of worst to best, and then talked about the playoffs. Twenty-five points per game and 14 points per game allowed. We don't turn the ball over, those kinds of things. Let's bring all of that good stuff with us, and eliminate the other stuff. The playoffs; 25 points a game, 14 points a game, one turnover, those types of things. Let's bring all of that good stuff with us and just eliminate the other stuff.

Q: After several decades of coaching how do you personally keep the edge?A: Competitiveness. Competitiveness in the game, that's exactly what it is. And by the way, decades? Come on.

Q: All right two decades.
A: Four is closer.

Q: To continue with the bridge analogy, how important was that Jets game last
December in building a bridge to the postseason for you guys?A: Very. I may not have the wherewithal to explain it completely but you've got to win. You've got to win to set up the next week. So we won that one, and then we had to win to get into the playoffs. So we won that one, and that's the way it goes. Without the Jets game and without the fire that emerged from that game, there would've been no opportunity for all those other things to happen.

Q: What are your thoughts on Kevin Boothe?
A: Kevin Boothe is a solid, solid, solid football player. He's smart, totally reliable, and he takes what he has and gets the most out of it. You can play him in a lot of different positions. I've told this story and I'll tell it again if you need it. We showed up to play Green Bay while they're undefeated and we lose the center. I said to him half an hour before the game, 'You're going to play center today' and he said, 'Okay.' Petrus, who didn't even think he was going to dress, 'you're going to be the left guard' and he said, 'Okay.' And off they went. That's what I'm talking about; he's a real pro, tough and smart.

Q: What's the advantage of the wildcat offense?A: It's different. It forces you to defend something else. It forces you to prepare for something; perhaps they would use it or they wouldn't use it. It's just another tool. You have Tony Sparano there. Tony, in Miami, was very good with it. No matter if they just put in what they did in Miami, it's very effective and there it was the runners, and here it's expected it will be Tim Tebow. I can understand that.

Q: Michael Coe's injury?
A: A little tweak of the hamstring. Hopefully not much.

Q: How about Boley?A: We're scratching our head on that one. I just keep looking at time going by. It's not a very good subject.

Q: How about Adrien Robinson? He's been making some plays the past couple of days.A: Thank goodness. He's starting to come along. He's starting to get it a little bit. It's been a long haul. He's the guy that missed the whole spring with the academic thing. Graduation was late and he couldn't come. He's really just scratching the surface.

Q: How have you seen Justin Tuck approach things this camp?
A: He's been focused.

Q: More so than the past?
A: I think his attitude and the way he performed… his focus and his concentration appeared in the six game run. I think he's carried that over to training camp. He's one of the pillars. ![](

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