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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q:  What is it like having the long week, and trying to keep these guys focused for that extra time?**
A: Well, I mean I think that part of it…We handled this weekend. We never did get time at the end of training camp, which we usually give the players. It came after the game. Is it an unusual stretch? Sure it is. You play when they tell you to play.

Q:  How were the practices this week?
A: I think we're getting better, I really do. Yesterday, the effort was very good. The execution wasn't as good as you'd like, but I probably can never say that. Today was, for the most part, pretty good. I didn't think the last period was good. The effort, again, and the focus was better.

Q:  Update on left tackle:
A: No. There will be no change there unless I let you know.

Q:  Nicks practiced today?
A: He did. We're going to hope that he's going to be able to work on Thursday. I think it was really good for him to be out here on the grass. The fields are exceptional. He moved well, he moved well.

Q:  Update on Prince:
A: Prince, I didn't really see anything that made me think otherwise. I know it's a slow process, and he's in the process.

Q:  He said he was limping yesterday. Did you notice anything?
A: He said that? I think he had a couple moments, which is not unusual for what he's going through. It's just how well does he comes back from that.

Q:  Do you feel like your first defense is motivated by the Cowboys game?
A: Well, I'm sure that they're going to be motivated, period, but we remind them as often as we can about the way in which the game went, and what the key statistics were in the game, etc. They're very well aware.

Q:  How unusual is it for your three main defensive ends to not record a sack?
A: Well, it usually doesn't favor us when that sort of thing happens. We're much better off when the pressure is distributed, and the ends…whoever gets the sacks or pressures, I don't really care, but we need it. We need more of it.

Q:  They didn't even get credited for a quarterback hit?
A: That's unusual. That's not what we design.

Q:  Do you try to bring it up with them?
A: No, I think they've been well reminded. We do, we take it individually.

Q:  Did they just not win their one-on-one matchups for the most part?
A: There were a lot of reasons. They ran it well, the ball was out quick, there were a bunch of reasons for that, and we broke down containment, which put their quarterback on the outside and gave him all day.

Q:  What did you think of the Bucs' third down defense?
A: They have a good scheme. They work hard, they have a good scheme, they were timely in what they were able to do, and they caused pressure and hits on the quarterback. They certainly did play well on third down.

Q:  The players see a high sense of urgency from you.  Are they reading you correctly?
A: They pretty much got it. They're right on. We talked all week about playing and practicing better, having better energy, having a sense of urgency about getting our football right, right now, as I say it. I think they've got the message.


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