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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q: Can you go over Nicks and Baas? Were they practicing?**
A: No. They didn't practice today, but they'll both be… Nicks will be listed as questionable. Baas will be listed as probable.

Q: Is it just managing something nagging with Baas?
A: Yea.

Q: How are Prince and Coe coming along health-wise?
A: I think they get a little better every day.

Q: Have you seen enough from Prince this week that you could start him on Sunday?
A: We'll see about that. He's been out here every day and he's worked. He certainly would be in contention.

Q: Is Marvin Austin on that injury report at all?
A: I think he is. (Yes, listed as probable)

Q: If David Baas were to aggravate the injury, have you guys worked out any contingency plans?A: No. We don't do any of that. I would think we would discuss. I don't expect that to happen.

Q: Who would be your backup at center?
A: Boothe is the backup center.

Q: Have you seen things out of Marvin that show a lot of rust or do you feel there is a readiness that you've seen out of him?
A: He's missed a lot of time, so I think he's gradually going to get back into it and this was a good starting point for him, to be out here practicing so that he can be evaluated afterwards by the medical people for having completed a practice.

Q: What are you hoping to see against the Bucs?
A: They're a very good front and we hope to be able to run the ball. We're a team that likes balance and likes to mix it up and likes to be in position where we can run it and throw it and people have to defend both and we feel like when we can't do the first part of it, then we're limiting ourselves.

Q: How much have you looked forward to finally seeing Prince and Marvin on the field together?A: We've been waiting, since you said it. Since last year.
Q: Was David Wilson's work this week in practice satisfactory for you?
A: Well, he worked hard at it this week.

Q: You saw that?
A: Oh yeah.

Q: Was Victor excused today for the funeral?
A: Yes.
Q: The Cowboys hurt you with slants. Is that a cornerback thing?
A: It's an everything thing. It's a combination thing. You don't want to let them inside, but it's also based on the coverage. It wasn't always inside control by the corner. On the same token, there were some people that were supposed to be in the right spots that we wanted and the throwing lane was pretty obvious, so it's a combination. It's not just one thing.

Q: How has Jacquian Williams been doing?A: He's coming along. He's starting to come along better.

Q: What do you need to see from him?A: To see the natural instinctive reactions. They are there with a guy that practices every day and knows what he's doing and sees the play and sees the special teams' responsibilities and reacts to it. That's what he's always been able to do for us. Be a reactionary, instinctive, speed, full speed kind of guy.

Q: What do you think about Eric LeGrand being there for the coin toss?
A: God bless Eric. We all wish Eric the very, very best and I've had the pleasure of seeing him at a couple of occasions and on television and he's done a great job, so I think it'll be very nice that he's with us.


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