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Coach Tom Coughlin


Q:  Antrel Rolle?**A:  Sore, so we kept him inside and worked him.

Q:  Is he in any danger of not playing Sunday?A:  I would hope not, but anytime you keep them inside there's going to be a little question.

Q:  Is it just a bruise?A:  It's a bruise, yeah.

Q:  Any thoughts on the officials coming back to work?A:  You know what, I've stayed out of it, everybody has had an opinion about the replacement officials, and there isn't any question that it's good for the game to get our officials back.  Hopefully they'll have enough time; I know there's a group working tonight.  From what I understand, they've discussed all the calls that have gone on so they feel like they're up to speed.  Good, back to work.

Q:  Will you be a little softer and more understanding now?A:  That choice of words…Don't put words in my mouth kind of thing.  I try to be fair, but if I think it is, I'll pat them on the back.  If I think it's a bad call, then I do it different.

Q:  Hakeem Nicks practiced okay today?A:  He did okay, yeah. 

Q:  Thoughts on Lawrence Tynes:A:  NFC Player of the Week for special teams, that's pretty nice.

Q:  Did he do anything different in the offseason?A:  Same preparation.  He works hard.  He's an avid strength program guy and conditioner.  

Q:  With the days off, have the last two practices been what you want?A:  I think we are, there's no question.  I thought today was better than yesterday.  We're moving in that direction.

Q:  David Diehl was getting some work in on the side?A:  He was. 

Q:  Is he progressing?A:  He is.  He's making good progress.

Q:  Thoughts on playing Sunday:A:  I don't know; that's all speculative.  Depending on what the doctors say.  Right now he was on the side with the trainers; that's probably where he'll stay.  We'll see.

Q:  With Maclin back, do you think the Eagles are getting healthier?A:  Sure, absolutely.  They're all going to be in this one. 

Q:  Do you see their offense as a powder keg waiting to explode?A:  Well, if it does, not this weekend, I hope.  They've made lots of plays down the field, 52 plays over 10 yards.  Something is happening there.  Give the opponents some credit.  The people they have played have done a nice job against them, too.  Two of those defenses are top-rated in the league and of course Cleveland played them very tough. 

Q:  With Hixon back, will he resume punt return duties?A:  We'll see.  He's prepared to.  Rueben (Randle) has done a nice job back there.
Q:  What kind of addition has Stevie Brown been, both on special teams and on defense?A:  You saw him make the nice pick a couple weeks ago.  He's done a good job on special teams, he's very speedy.  He's a guy that we've used in different spots; play him as a gunner, and that type of thing.  Big, strong guy that can run fast. 

Q:  Thoughts on the number three receiver spot:A:  There will be roles for everybody.  Ramses (Barden) has played well.  Domenik (Hixon) has played well.  Everybody will have the ball, will have an opportunity.

Q:  Are you being cautious with Hosley?A:  No, it's definitely…doctor's orders.

Q:  Being 0-1 in the division, what is the importance of this game?A:  We talked about that with the team today.  How important these divisional games are and where we are right off the bat, and how important this game is, period. 

Q:  What kind of respect do you have for this rivalry in general?A:  There has been some unbelievable football games played between these two teams, when I was here as an assistant and it certainly has continued since I've been here as the head coach.  These games are extremely close games, they always are.  They're fourth quarter wins, one way or the other.  We talk about hitting the goal post with field goals and I was reflecting on that incredible overtime win down there a few years ago.  That was just a great, great football game.  These games go to the wire, and these teams play hard against each other.  It's in the division, it's a rival.  It seems like each one of the teams in our division, there's a unique rivalry with each one of these teams.  Certainly with the Philadelphia Eagles it is that way, for sure. 

Q:  Do you usually address the importance of division games the Thursday before?A:  Could be Wednesday, probably be Saturday night. 

Q:  Thoughts on the "vocal" Eagles' fan base:A:  What did you say (laughs)?  No, I know about the crowd, believe me.  That's just part of the atmosphere there.  It's a hostile atmosphere, it's a loud atmosphere, but we've done alright in that atmosphere. 

Q:  Has Vick taken more hits than usual?A:  You see the newspapers.  You don't need me commenting on that.  He's had some very hard hits, but he's a very tough guy.  He gets right back up and does it again.

Q:  How is Judy handling her stardom?A:  Been a lot of nice compliments about Judy and the job she did in that tape.  Most of the comments have been about family, which is great. That was the reason that I agreed to do


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