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Coach Tom Coughlin Interview


Q: What does Justin Tuck's return from injury mean to the defense?

A: If we can get the more players of his caliber on the field, the more flexibility we have. It is going to provide some opportunities for us to get some matchups that are in our favor. 

Q: Did Brandon Jacobs practice full today or was he limited?

A: We listed it as that only until we play a game and he plays a full game and so on and so forth. He has no limitation as far as practice.

Q: Do you think he can play full go?

A: Yes, sure, provided that we have positive signs.

* *

Q: How are you keeping the guys focused while preparing for an 0-6 team?

A: We haven't played in a couple weeks and if you study them, they are in every game. They play hard but they haven't been able to get themselves a win. It is not because they don't have talent and it is not because they don't play hard because they do. We are concerned about our team and our team playing the best that we can play. We want to continue to ascend in terms of our execution and not turning the ball over and all of those things. The challenges are great for us. 

* *

Q: Do you think Prince will be ready to go?

A: He is working his way through practice. He is a limited guy who is just getting on the practice field. He made a play today but he is limited.

* *

Q: Does he know the defense?

A: He does.

* *

Q: Was the Buffalo game Eli Manning's best game this season?

A: It was a very good game but it was one of many good games and hopefully there are many, many more.

* *

Q: How has Eli Manning kept it together this season in the face of the criticism and the loss of personnel?

A: He has spent an awful lot of time with the receivers, the tight ends and the runners. He just continued to do that and work with them just making sure that they understood what he was looking for, what the adjustments were going to be and he meets with them every week. He continues to do that and he stayed with the idea that he was going to get this thing right and he stayed on the same page. Once they got on the same page, he truly believed that good things would happen and he has basically forced that issue since day one.

Q: Would good things have happened without a guy like that in that position?

A: He has taken that responsibility since day one. All he has done as younger people have come along is get them more involved and making sure they knew exactly what he expected of them.

* *

Q:  How has Barden looked?

A: He has done a good job. We have rotated him in there as a scout team guy and he has done a good job. This week in particular it was good to have him in there because he and Clayton can wear that number 19.

* *

Q: What is the key to continuing to improve the running game?

A: Blocking them. The keys are obviously to do a good job with the run and the play action pass so that the question is 'what is next.' That then becomes execution and the last time we played, it was a little better execution.

Q: Are you aware of what Jacobs said in the fitness article

A: I am not aware of anything.

* *

Q: Did Henry Hynoski do anything today?

A: No. It is not a setback; it is just that progress is slow.

* *

Q: What do you think about the greatest show on turf offense?

A: That was a long time ago. There are many types of open offenses that try to run the ball as well. I appreciate all kinds of football as long as the execution is there.

* *

Q: Do you expect to pass more?

A: No, it is all about balance and balance means that we try to do a good job of not turning the ball over.

* *

Re: Tony Sparano and the Dolphins

A: Tony is a good coach. I haven't had a chance to visit with him but I always will think very highly of him and I enjoyed the time he was with us. I know very well that he is in the position that he is in because Parcells wanted him and that says an awful lot about him as a coach.

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