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Coach Tom Coughlin Interview


Q: Do you have an update on Ahmad Bradshaw?

A: I really don't know any more than what you have been told. He has had issues in the past and he has played with a crack or whatever you want to call it in his foot. He has played that way in the past and we don't know what the determination will be just yet. We will wait and see.

Q: When you say determination do you mean surgery?

A: Yes, what the doctors decide to do.  

* *

Q: Have you noticed a difference in Brandon Jacobs this week?

A: He is working hard and that is the only thing I have noticed. He has worked hard. He has been good in meetings and around the players. Hopefully he has been good with you.

* *

Q: Do you think he can be an every down back?

A: If we need him in that capacity, he can be that. 

* *

Q: How do the Patriots remain consistently successful?

A: They play football well. They have managed to combine a very good offensive team and although this year they are giving up some yardage, they are still 5-2. They did have a good chance of winning one of the games that they lost. They play the game very well. They are good on special teams and they have an outstanding kicking game. They are a good team if you look at the fact that they won 20 in a row at home.

* *

Q: If Ahmad has surgery, will that end his season?

A: We will have to see. I am not going to speculate what the doctors are going to decide or say because I don't know.    

* *

Q: Are you preparing for him not to play on Sunday?

A: He is not on the practice field so as long as he is not on the practice field, the guys that are practicing are going to go out there and preform as if the responsibility will be theirs.   

* *

Q: If he doesn't have surgery, is there a time frame of when he will return?

A: I don't know. Every one of your questions…I haven't heard from any doctor with any specifics on how long or the surgery.

Q: Is he going to see Dr. Anderson?

A: I would imagine.

Q: Is there any word on Hakeem Nicks?

A: No word.  

* *

Q: Does it change your approach without Bradshaw?

A: We are going to try to do what we do in our offense. We have been able to do that in the past with both backs, and now Danny Ware will get more work and we will see how that goes.   

* *

Q: How much has your defensive philosophy changed since you played the New England?

A:  Each year we try to analyze our personnel and play the scheme according to where the strengths are. We have been able to do that to a certain extent so we have a philosophy and we have been able to draft accordingly. We play basically the way we have always played. 

* *

Q: Is there any update on David Baas?

A: No, he did not work today.   

* *

Q: Is Hakeem doing any better?

A: He is feeling better, yes.

Q: Has Da'Rel Scott shown any improvement in the past weeks?

A: When given the opportunity he has practiced well.   

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