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Coach Tom Coughlin Interview


Q: How is Jason Pierre-Paul?

A: Jason is doing all the protocols. He had a headache so we put him through all the tests for a possible concussion and we will see how that goes. That is where he is and that is what he is doing. 

Q: What exactly happened?

A: He got hit in the head when he was making a play. The two helmets hit together and I didn't think much of it and then all of a sudden he was off to the side. He didn't feel good and they shut him right down.   

* *

Q: Is he a game time decision?

A: I would think so, yes.  

* *

Q: What is Ahmad Bradshaw's status?

A: No change from yesterday.   

* *

Q: Is he a game-time decision?

A: Possibly. He has to do some improving but possible.   

* *

Q: Has surgery been ruled out?

A: The doctors felt that it wouldn't be necessary for him to have surgery right now.

* *

Q: Does that mean he will play through the pain?

A: He has done that before.    

* *

Q: How has Prince looked?

A: He had a good week again. I am hoping that he will demonstrate a little bit more and a little bit more each time that he goes out.  

* *

Q: Do you know what you will do with him this week?

A: Possibly but I am not going to say. He will travel and so on and so forth.

* *

Q: Is Hakeem out?

A: You have to wait for the list. We talk about so many people, I am not sure what we said.

* *

Q: Was the surgery Ahmad had supposed to stop this from happening?

A: That is why you fix it. The surgical screw is fine. That part is not the problem. It is in that area but it is not on top of the screw or anything to do with that. That screw doesn't have to come out.    

* *

Q: Will Barden play?

A:  We will see.   

* *

Q: He will travel as well?

A: We will see.    

* *

Q: How has Eli adjusted with the various combinations at wide receiver?

A: He works very well because he takes the time literally from day one to make sure everybody is on the same page. He is out there communicating and adjusting, telling people what he sees and what he expects. He is making corrections and doing it on the fly literally play by play. That is why there is good communication.

* *

Q: Did Baas do anything today?

A: No but he was better. He felt better   

* *

Q: Has Nicks improved?

A: He is improving.

* *

Q: Will Nicks test his hamstring out tomorrow?

A: I think it is day-to-day like we said. He felt a little better today than he did yesterday so we will see.

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