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Coach Tom Coughlin Interview


Q: Are you happy with what you saw from Hakeem Nicks?

A: He did warm up well and he took a few plays. He is definitely in the right direction.

Q: Was he limited?

A: Yes.

* *

Q: How good would the offense be if he can play?

A: No question, if he can go, he is an extremely talented guy that we can put on the field. The more we have, the more difficult it will be in terms of what they want to do in terms of coverage. Just like we talk about the defensive linemen, this is the same situation. The more players we have available to help us, especially a guy like Nicks who is an exceptional player, the better off we will be.

* *

Q: Do you think you can set up the run with the pass?

A: Yes, it can be back and forth. The number of times when a team is in the two minute offense, there is not going to be a lot of runs but when you do run, you expect to make some yardage because people will have their ears pinned back.

Q: What do you see from Alex Smith?

A: He is confident. He has a 97 quarterback rating and he plays very well within that offense. He does an outstanding job with their play action pass. He has done a good job with their substituted offense as well. He is managing his offense and controlling his team. You can see his confidence grow.

* *

Q: Are you pleased with what you see from Prince?

A: I am encouraged to have him out here. It is just a question now of what extent can we involve him and the idea of playing him on Sunday. That still has not been clarified for me.

* *

Q: Do you think he won't fit in?

A: He is going to fit in but I don't know if he is to the point where he can go play 50 plays or 45 plays.

Q: Can you manage that?

A: You can manage it but you only have so many people in that position. Once you train a guy for a special situation defense all week long, it is difficult to have someone else ready to go.

* *

Q: What do you see from Frank Gore?

A: He is an outstanding runner. He has big play potential and he is a big play threat every time he touches the ball. Very smart runner and uses his blockers well. He gets in behind them and he has a burst. He is a good receiver out of the backfield. He is a good player.

* *

Q: Has Ahmad Bradshaw been getting treatment?

A: Since last week, yes.

* *

Q: He is not out here?

A: No, but he is in every meeting. They don't want him to stand around out here.

Q: Are you making a change at kickoff returner?

A: I see Devin has announced to the world. I don't know. We still have him back there. He's citing a depth chart move, and I put my own name at the top as the returner. The rest of them are all behind there. We still have him in the mix. Q: All four returners bobbled kicks on Sunday. Were there problems with the wind on Sunday?

A: I don't think so. I can tell you exactly what I thought happened on Aaron's and Eldelman. It looks like with Devin, the eye comes off the ball at the last second.

Q: How is Jernigan after getting his chance and getting hurt?

A: One-play JJ. We don't want that to stick. I thought he was going to be able to do something yesterday but he got out here and he couldn't. He's got a couple issues.Join other diehard Giants Fans!  Follow @Giants

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