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Coach Tom Coughlin Interview


Opening Remarks

Justin Tuck got stepped on yesterday afternoon and he rolled his ankle a little bit. They thought it was good to just hold him today. Hopefully it is not going to be a big deal. There is soreness but it doesn't seem to be a lot of swelling. I think he will be fine.

Q: It happened yesterday in practice?

A: Yes.

* *

Q: Is Will Beatty good to go?

A: I think he will be.  

* *

Q: Have you made a decision on Jimmy Kennedy?

A: No, I wouldn't say that.

* *

Q: Do you have to make one before the game?

A: No, we don't have to until Monday.   

* *

Q: Do you think Jernigan will be back there to return kicks?

A: We will see.

Q: How has Herzlich looked?

A: He has had a nice week.    

* *

Q: Are you looking forward to him seeing more action?

A: Yes.   

* *

Q: Why is that?

A: We want to see what he can do and how he will play in there. We already experienced the fact that he communicates well. He seems to know the defense and he can get us lined up. He is a big strong kid in there.

* *

Q: With Boley not playing, being able to line guys up would be a big thing, right?

A: That would be a positive, yes.

* *

Q: Do you see Bradshaw playing against New Orleans?

A: I am hoping, we are all hoping and we have to see. He needs to do some things on the practice field. I know the position of the medical staff, exactly, they are not quite ready to turn him loose. When they do that, let's hope that he can go out on the practice field for a limited amount of plays and the next day be able to come out and do the same thing. Then we will know that he can go into a game and play and hopefully come out of the game.

* *

Q: Once he returns, will he be limited in practice for the rest of the season?

A: I am sure that will be in the cards, for sure.  

* *

Q: What have you seen from Herzlich?

A: He has been constant in his progress. He is a young linebacker, given the opportunity, we will see how he plays.  

Q: If Michael Vick doesn't start, how will the Eagles offense change with Vince Young?

A: We think that if Vince doesn't start the offense doesn't change. They continue to feature the quarterback in ways that moves the quarterback. The quarterback is prone to scramble. He is a big strong guy with a big strong arm. He has been improvising on occasions like Michael Vick has since his collegiate career. We played against him a few years ago. We know his talents and his strengths. He would allow them, we think, to play their offense. 

Q: Has Prince shown you enough to play this week?

A: We will see. He seems to have run around a little better this week compared to other weeks. We will see.

* *

Q: How has D.J. Ware looked?

A: He has looked ok; he has looked good.  

* *

Q: Do you think he will have the same workload?

A: We will see.

Q: Have you seen enough to know what you have in D.J. Ware?

A: You mean Danny. I call him Dan or Danny, just to get him going. Yes and I think so. He is still productive. When you look at the stat sheet, he is still productive. He is a productive guy. The ability to play with more energy and when you need him in that clutch period, he has that extra gear. Join other diehard Giants Fans!

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