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Coach Tom Coughlin Interview


Q: What is your left tackle situation?

A: You will have to wait and see. We have some candidates.

Q: Does Diehl look like a good one?

A: He does and Andrews, too.

Q: Do you know how long Beatty will be out?

A: I really don't. It is not any good though. You are not going to hear any tomorrow afternoon or anything like that.

* *

Q: How is Mario Manningham?

A: He had some issues with his knee so the doctor wanted to see him in there today so he came in and they did some work on him in there. They kept him in there elevated so he didn't have to come out here.

* *

Q: Did he have a setback?

A: It depends on what you call a setback. He has had some issues all along and he has managed them well. We are still managing them.

* *

Q: How does that affect his status for Sunday?

A: I don't know that but hopefully it doesn't. He has to work tomorrow though.

* *

Q: Was there any progress with Boley or Bradshaw?

A: I thought Boley looked pretty good. He ran and did a good job. Bradshaw started out moving well and I don't have any idea to what extent they ran him. They were to run him and depending on what they saw, they would perhaps do more or less.

Q:  Are both still possible for Monday?

A:  Right now they are, yes.

* *

Q: Regardless of who it is, there will be a shakeup on the offensive line…

A: I don't know if it is a shakeup. You have to react to an injury so we will make the necessary reaction. 

* *

Q: How much continuity are you hoping to see?

A: These guys have worked here all year long, not necessarily in the spots that they're at. I am hoping that we can have some carryover and be able to execute.

* *

Q: What is the update on Beatty?

A: He had surgery and it is a very serious situation, obviously. People keep asking about any length of time and I can't give you that answer. We are just going to have to see. There is supposedly a segment or period of time where you are evaluating and seeing what he can or can't do. That is where we are.

* *

Q: Was Tuck back today?

A: Yes.

Q: Was he limited?

A: Yes, well, he practiced. He didn't miss a whole lot.

* *

Q: How is McKenzie?

A: McKenzie is working better.

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