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Coach Tom Coughlin Interview


Q: Was Kenny Phillips able to practice today?

A: Not today.

Q: Did Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw practice?

A: They didn't. They didn't work. Tomorrow is their scheduled day to work. Both of them.

* *

Q: Is that the same thing with Boley, also?

A:*I hope. *

* *

Q: Did Boley or Bradshaw come out of the game worse than they were going into the game?

A: No. Bradshaw played most of the game or what snaps he played and Boley did pretty much also although he did get fatigued towards the end of the game. They were sore the next day obviously. 

* *

Q: Will this schedule be the same for the rest of the season?

A: It is a totally different injury. One is a hamstring and one is a chronic foot problem.

* *

Q: Any update on Baas?

A: No.

* *

Q: Did he continue to undergo tests?

A: Yes, he was doing some tests today.

* *

Q: What are your thoughts of Miles Austin?

A: He is a very good player who has been on the scene for quite a while. He does a lot of things and he does a lot of things well. He is a big, strong kid. He is a good player.

* *

Q: If he Austin comes back this week, what difference will he make for Dallas?

A: Well, Robinson has played well. He really has but that just gives you one more quality football player.

* *

Q: Do you have a handle for what you can expect from your defense?

A: I do have a handle. I have confidence that we continue to do some things very well and there are things that we have to continue to work on. I think we know what we have.

Q: Would you agree that there seems to be missed assignments on a weekly basis on defense?

A: Not necessarily, but it happened the other night.

* *

Q: Is that something that should not be happening this late in the season?

A: Absolutely. You are talking about this time of the year. It should not be happening.

* *

Q: You talked earlier this season about how Brandon Stokley' s arrival energized Cruz. Has Cruz's performance done anything for the other wide receivers?

A: They are all trying to do the best that they can. If you look at those numbers individually, they have done pretty well, too. I think they are all working together to be the best group that they can be. Certainly, the contribution that Victor has made this year has enhanced our entire receiving corps.

* *

Q: What kind of qualities must an undrafted player have to make it in the NFL?

A: I think there is a tremendous desire to make it starting from where they start, first of all. You have to have great conviction and great desire to have an opportunity to play, starting probably when they were very young and making their way through some tough times just to be recognized. Thank God that some of them have some of that stick-to-itiveness.

* *

Q: What are some of the things that help a guy stand out?

A: Make some plays and run in the end zone. Everybody cheers for that.

* *

Q: If Kenny Phillips can't go, can Tyler Sash step in?

A: Yes, Tyler can do that.

Q: How has Mario Manningham looked?

A: He has practiced for two days. He looks good. He looks sharp. He looks quick. Hopefully there is no issue the next day. That is what you worry about. The swelling.

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