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Coach Tom Coughlin on Friday's practice


Q: How does it feel to finally be ready to go and play this Sunday?

A: It feels good. The week has moved along rapidly, as they always do. We are excited and the practices had good energy. Everyone knows what is at stake. We are looking forward to traveling out there and playing.

* *

Q: Did Jake Ballard hurt his knee in practice?

A: No, they did a procedure yesterday and there was a little swelling. 

* *

Q: What kind of procedure?

A: It was not surgery. It was a normal week for him and progressed towards the end the way they normally do.

* *

Q: How much does he impact the offense?

A: He is very important, just as all are. He has had an outstanding year and made a big catch the other night which was very important. He is a guy that is really growing in the position and gives us a big strong body blocking and has done a very good job of catching the ball and getting open.

* *

Q: What about Nicks' ankle?

A: He has a basketball ankle at times that he rolls and he did it this afternoon to a certain extent, but he doesn't think it is going to be too bad.

* *

Q: Talk about Rich Seubert, one of your honorary captains on Sunday. What imprint did Richie leave on this organization?

A: He was feisty. He loves to play, he loves to be a part of this team and the New York Giants. He plays with every ounce of fiber that he has. He gives it all and shares it all. He is not afraid to get on teammates and he is not afraid to be the rambunctious one in the locker room. He stirs it up better than anyone I have been around. Sometimes it is to the point where you have to step in between. We love this guy and we miss him. Last year he took a picture of him and me – him up there (holds his hand up) and me down here -- and he wrote 'Happy Holidays' to me and gave it to me. I put it in my locker and forgot about it and I find the picture over the holidays and now I have it sitting right in front of me for a month and a half so I can look at Richie and happy holidays.

* *

Q: Does the sloppy field give you an advantage?

A: Ask me after the game. We hope that we are fast enough in all accounts to be able to play. You know the forecast and I do, too. It may be better than what we thought at the beginning of the week.

* *

Q: How do your players pick the cleats to wear?

A: We do all the things in the world and we talk to everyone like we did last week. Which ones to wear, how is it recommended, how the field is cared for and how will it be when the game starts. Our equipment people do a great job with that and they make recommendations to the players. The players have enough confidence to stay with it.

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