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Coach Tom Coughlin's press conference (10/15)

Coach Tom Coughlin

Coughlin: Good morning. We prepare for another game in the division with a very, very good Dallas football team, a team that's won five straight games, the longest win streak in the NFL. They had an outstanding road win, as you all know, over the weekend against the former, last year's Super Bowl champions. They are a minus-two turnover ratio team, 34 minutes and two seconds time of possession, fourth-highest in the league. They have outstanding team speed, as you know. Their offense has done an outstanding job of controlling the ball, controlling the clock. They're number one in the league in rushing. They're scoring 27 and a half points a game, 56 percent on third down. Defense, they've played very well. They have outstanding team speed, they run to the ball very well. They do have a nice rotation going. They're giving up 21 points a game, which is outstanding. Their special teams feature Dan Bailey, who kicked a 56-yard field goal last week. They do an outstanding job with Chris Jones as the punter. The return game with Dwayne Harris is very good and they do have outstanding speed on their coverage teams. What can I do for you?

Do they have a different identity this year than maybe they had in the past? They're obviously a lot more run-heavy than they have been.
A: I think that's by design. Everyone that watches tape gives their offensive line a lot of credit. They have three number ones in the front on the offensive line and they do an outstanding job. Of course with DeMarco Murray, they have an outstanding runner. (Joseph) Randle emerged last weekend as well, did an outstanding job. I think the ratio is what they've been looking for. (Tony) Romo's been playing extremely well with this scheme. I think his accuracy is very good. I think he shows more patience. He still has the ability to be elusive and escape, as he's shown in game after game.

What was your reaction to Eli Manning saying that the team has to grow up this week?
A: What was my reaction? I didn't know he said that, but I think he's referring to the fact that, as a team, I personally felt like we weren't as focused as we could have been last weekend. I did not think we reacted well to adversity during the game. Some of that concept that we talk about, team, has got to develop and grow.

Where is your running game and how key will it be to get something established?
A: Where is it? Until last weekend, it was pretty good. We need to find that again. It starts with the offensive line, obviously, and we'll work hard on that this week.

Rashad Jennings coming back this week?
A: No, no.

You look at the offensive line, was it things they hadn't seen before or was it just bad play or what?
A: To be honest with you… I'm not interested really in going backwards. This supposedly is the start of the new week, but we had some one-on-one matchups that we lost and too many of them.

Is the goal with Jennings to be back right after the bye?
A: I hope so.


Given the difficulty your defense had in defending LeSean McCoy, what is your level of confidence that they can defend DeMarco Murray, the leading rusher in the league? **
A: I think we've played the run, to be honest with you, I think we played the run pretty well up until that game last weekend. I'm confident that we can get back on track and do a better job of leverage and contain, turning the ball back inside and all of the things you saw that we did not do.

What will you do at wide receiver with Victor Cruz out?
A: We have people that are going to get their chances, their opportunities. We still have an outstanding receiving group on the field and we'll have to do a really good job of picking our spots, putting people in the right spots, doing things that they can contribute the best. Certainly Preston Parker will get plenty of opportunities as well.

What did you like about Kevin Ogletree?
A: He ran fast, he's been in the league, he's made strong contributions on more than one team, the team we're playing for example. But this is a good opportunity for him as well.

Can he contribute this week?
A: I would hope so.

Because you have the bye week coming up afterwards, this game sticks with you for a while. Do you have to make any message to the guys about amplifying the importance of this game?
A: I don't think so, Bruce, to be honest with you. I mean, we're trying as hard as we can to move on from the last one.

How dangerous is Romo once he escapes…?
A: He buys more time down the field and usually the ball goes deep down the field. He's demonstrated that ability over and over.

Do you have an update on Victor Cruz? Have you seen or talked to him?
A: Talked to him at great length yesterday. He was in good spirits. It was the latter part of the morning and I told him what great concern there was here for him, how badly we all felt, how much we'll miss him both in the locker room and on the field and what a great Giant he's been and contributor, and I expect that the rehab will go very well and he'll be back 100 percent in a few months time. He's due over here this morning sometime, or hopefully, maybe by early afternoon now. No doubt you miss him and we will, but his message will be, 'Move on.'

How do you make sure that psychologically your players are over seeing that injury? That was a particularly devastating injury to watch and the aftermath of it.
A: Well, there's a lot of things we're trying to deal with right now, to be honest with you, and that certainly is one of them. One of the things I was going to say is that being out there on the field and right next to Victor but being unable to speak with him, that was a bothersome thing to me. There were plenty of people around there supporting, but he was not in a position to even notice it.

What's the status of Rodgers-Cromatrie?
A: We continue to do everything we can and he is slated to practice today. What he can do, you'd have to put it in the limited category.

Is there anything you can change with him, either during the game or during the week to sort of help him…?
A: We're doing everything we can to help him.

The hip or the ankle, is there a talk of surgery with him?
A: Not to my knowledge.

With this set of receivers, do you scheme differently or do you just do what you've been doing and make them fit in?
A: Well, you address everything to the ability level of the player, so there will definitely be adjustments but within the concept of what we're trying to accomplish, that will remain the same.

Where do you go at nickel cornerback? Obviously you lost Walter Thurmond, now you lost Trumaine. Where do you do there and which guys do you look at as options to be able to move inside?
A: Hosley will have an opportunity. He was the backup last week, so he'll have that opportunity right off the bat.

Is Chandler Fenner a guy that could play inside, too? Or Zack Bowman? Or would you rather keep one or both of them outside, if possible?
A: We'll have to do some looking at that to make sure that we're okay in that regard. Fenner has been basically outside.

There have been so many medical opinions from doctors who have not evaluated Victor but who say what a difficult road this is. Do you have confidence that you'll have Victor Cruz next season?
A: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. If it has to do with overcoming, he'll overcome it.

How did Beason come through on Sunday night?
A: He's sore, but nevertheless… he was in the cold tub after we got back here, so he's working on it.

Will he practice today?
A: Yeah, he'll practice.

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