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Coach Tom Coughlin Transcript


Opening remarks:Plaxico (Burress) and I did have a nice conversation. I was very happy that he came in and we visited. I told him that the conversation would be confidential and that will be my position on it.

Q: How do you feel about Plaxico Burress after the meeting?A: I just said, our conversation will be confidential. I did enjoy the conversation.

Q: Are you still considering brining him back?A: Possibly.

Q: Would he fill a need on this team?A: Sure, any team probably.

Q: Does the depth at wide receiver influence the need to sign another receiver?A: We have some young guys that we really haven't had the chance to see if they could contribute. Last year we certainly needed depth at the position.

Q:  Were you able to tell if Plaxico is ready to be responsible from your meeting?A: I'm not really going to talk a whole lot about it.

Q: Not the details but can you get that from the meeting?A: I think so, yes.

Q: Did Osi Umenyiora come in today?A: Yes, he did. He was not able to get his physical yet.

Q: Is he healthy as far as you know?A: We will see.

Q: When will he have his physical?A: I would imagine tomorrow.

Q: Do you expect him on the practice field tomorrow?A: We will see.

Q: Any word on the number one pick?A: I haven't heard much today but he better get in here.

Q: Did you talk to Osi Umenyiora?A: I did. It was just a real quick conversation. We didn't have a chance to sit down and talk upstairs. He came in during the jog through this afternoon and I had a chance to see him and say hello. That's about it.

Q: Did you ask him where he was yesterday?A: No, I didn't.

Q: Did he seem ready to play?A: I didn't really spend an awful lot of time with him. I asked him how he was doing and he said fine.

Q: How do you feel about players missing practices and days?A: It is not what you would like. You would like everybody to be in a great frame of mind. It is basically what I said yesterday or the day before in a quote, I would like for them to come in. I would like for them to be excited to be a Giant. I would like to put these four defensive ends out on the field together and let them play together. I would like to be able to take the flexibility that is there and move people and force problems for the opposition as far as protection. That would be a very interesting challenge and great opportunity for our team.

Q: Why wasn't he able to get his physical done today?A: I believe it was after four o'clock when he came in or close to four, I shouldn't say after.

Q: Now that you've had one day like this, with a jog through and then a late practice, what do you think?A: We'll have to see more. But this is it now. What I think, nobody asked me when we put this together. This is what it is and if you're going to take full advantage of every minute, this is pretty much the way it has to be. You can flip it around. Do this in the morning, but that probably doesn't allow you to maximize things the way we are in terms of meetings. There's a lot of meeting time on this schedule, which as I said, once we get going, we should be able to correct in the morning. Tomorrow morning should be really, really good for us because we'll be able to look at this and study it and put it in front of the players and talk about fundamentals and techniques and things of that nature and then go ahead and install it in the afternoon and move one. Whereas, a lot of times you're stuck when you are in two practices, you're just hustling through one of them.

Q: It's only two days, but does being in a hotel feel like a camp?A: I don't know. All I do is go over there late at night and lie down, get up early in the morning and leave.

Q: Will you have to do things to manufacture that camp feeling that you get when you're up away in Albany?A: I don't think so. I don't think so. Most of our time is spent right here.

Q: How reactive are you at making your team after the moves teams in the division have made?A: What do you expect me to say? I'm aware of their roster.

Q: Will you make personnel decisions in response?A: Well, you hope your match-ups are good. That's what it's all about.

Q: Are you worried about the time your unrestricted free agents are missing? Do you want a decision from them soon?A: I do. I do, but it's meeting times that they are missing. They're not going to be on the field anyways. Anything they miss because of the way this thing is set up, perhaps not to the great extent that it will young people, Prince, but it will be a factor.

Q: What did you say to Matt Dodge about having another punter in camp?A: Competition, that's all. Competition. Help you focus.

Q: Weatherford's a proven punter in the league…A: It will be a good go then.

Q: Snee took some snaps at center, is that going to be a serious consideration?A: He can snap the ball. He did it mostly tonight, the whole the time with the ones. We rotate them around. They all snap. I was very pleased the way he jumped in there. He jumped in there and assignment wise, he was making the calls and all of that stuff. It's a plus. You need all of those guys to do that inside.

Q: How long until Koets is ready?A: Supposed to be ready when he got here. This was one today that hit me right over the head.

Q: Is it something different?A: It's the patella tendon (tendonitis). It's the same thing. (te

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