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Coach Tom Coughlin updates injuries

Q: Did a lot of bodies go to the Hospital for Special Surgery today?
A: Quite a few. Quite a few.

Q: Any concern for anyone in particular?
A: I'm concerned about all of them any time they're doing that, but hopefully there's also that element that when they come back they've been cleared to go. That's what we're looking for.

Q: Are you hoping Bradshaw will be cleared?
A: I hope.

Q: Is his problem the pain tolerance or working out some of the issues?
A: There are still issues, yeah. If it was just pain, he'd be going.

Q: Is Rolle's serious?
A: No. No, it's not. He wasn't supposed to go today. He was to be treated and then Wednesday would be his day.

Q: How is Diehl coming along?
A: He's the same kind of way. I hope we can see some progress and maybe have him this week.

Q: Did the rest help Hakeem?
A: I think it did.  It certainly didn't hurt him.

Q: Normal schedule this week?
A: Yes, we expect him one practice per week.

Q: So Thursday is his day?
A: Right now it's Thursday, yes.

Q: What did you see from the Eagles game yesterday?
A: We'll talk about it Wednesday.

Q: Does Domenik Hixon still need to pass some tests?
A: He's been cleared and hopefully he'll be able to go Wednesday.

Q: How are Coe and Hosley?
A: Both of those guys did not work. They're a little bit better, but a little bit compared to what, so we'll see.

Q: Corey still getting used to the cast?
A: Well, obviously very cumbersome in practice. That's because they are overboard with the safety issue as far as practice goes. I'm expecting that it won't be quite that way at game time. The cast will be smaller. He's going to be able to run and do all of those things, but it's going to be very cumbersome for him in practice because of the size of the cast he's got.

Q: How long for the cast?
A: Probably until the thing heals. What would you guess?

Q: Is it good to be back on a normal schedule?
A: Well, this is the routine that we had used prior to. It's good to have the weekend for the guys to rest and then bring them back on Monday and have a crisp, short practice and then do a little running at the end. Tomorrow will be the day off for them and then we'll go back at it.

Q: Thoughts on another mobile quarterback:
A: We'll talk about it Wednesday.

Q: Have you had a crazy schedule to start a season like this before?
A: Whenever they ask us to play, we go play, that's all we know.

Q: Is this season odd with only three undefeated teams through Week3?
A: I think it speaks to the incredible balance and the parity that exists in this league. The system that we follow, and the draft system, and free agency, I think it speaks to that.

Q: Moving around personnel at tackle, has that gone as well as could be expected?
A: Well, as I say, we have quality people here, and we adjust, and the guys have done a good job at that. Is it where we'd like to be? No, but we're making progress.


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