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Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips

Q. Can you go over your injury report?

A. No, I won't (laugh). We really don't have anybody different than last week. In fact, Curtis Johnson, who was on our injured list last week, is going to practice some this week. Everybody else is practicing, except two guys who we have that are out.

Q. What do you take away from Week 1 in Tampa?

A. Victory on the road starting the season. It is always nice to win the first game. I think it points your team in the right direction. I am looking forward to getting home, but, I always worry about a road game the first game of the year. I think it is tough, especially when you don't know much about the other team. You know they kind of have a new regime there as far as offense and defense and what they were going to play.

Q. Re: New stadium?

A. Yeah, it is a wonderment, it is really something. We are excited about it. I think everybody is around here. Just to see our fans in this stadium and our team play in there, it is kind of a dream come true, certainly for the Jones' but really for all the Cowboys fans.

Q. Do you worry about the hoopla of this week being a distraction with this game being as important as it is early on?

A. Well, you always worry about that. I think coaches worry about everything, a lot more than other people do, certainly. Your team has to be focused and I think they know that. You have to keep them on the right track, that is for sure.

Q. The Giants have a new defensive coordinator. Did it look like the same defense to you last week or did you see some differences?

A. There were some differences, some of them were subtle, and they did a few things different than they've done in the past. But, they looked good, just like they have for the last two years that I have been here. They looked really strong on defense.

Q. Is it hard to now see Chris Canty with the Giants?

A. Chris did a great job for us. He is a great player and we hated losing him. He certainly helped us win a lot of games here and we appreciate that. He is obviously going to do well there and we are worried about playing against him because he is such a good player.

Q. It seemed like Tony (Romo) spread the ball around a lot last week. Do you think it is easier for him to do that since Terrell Owens is not in the mix now?

A. No, I think he has done that since I have been here. He has spread it around quite a bit. We try to utilize the people we have. Witten has caught a lot of balls the last two years. He is still catching them. He has spread it around. He doesn't just pick out one guy, he tries to read the coverage and throws to the guy who has the best chance of being open. He is pretty good at that.

Q. When you look at the game from late last year, you guys had eight sacks, (DeMarcus) Ware had three of them. What did you guys do right that led to such a successful day?

A. We played well at home. You got to feel like that you can figure to play well at home with the home crowd, you know emotion is a lot of the game. I think we played real emotional. We played effectively certainly. It was just one of those games that we happened to hit it right as far as getting pressure on the passer.

Q. Is that the number one time you have seen DeMarcus (Ware) get into a zone like that? It seems like he gets them in bunches.

A. Well, he had 20 sacks, over 20 sacks, last year. So, he got into the zone a few times. He is a remarkable player and we did lead the NFL in sacks. It wasn't the only game that we had a good game or that DeMarcus had a good game. We feel like we can get pressure on most teams. But, the Giants have one of the best offensive lines in the league.

Q. Was it so surprising that it came against them?

A. I don't know that. You never know in a ball game. If you are ahead, you have a better chance certainly. It could put more pressure being ahead. We got a couple sacks against them in the game that they blew us out in New York. We feel like we can get good pressure.

Q. You have had some changes on the team this year. What do you see as the biggest difference?

A. Well, we will find out. Hopefully, it is a better record as a result of it. We have a few different players and they have all come in, in fact all of them played well last week, so that was a good thing for us.

Q. How has Miles Austin improved?

A. Of course we know he is from Monmouth, and it has taken him a little while to get everything down. He seems to get better and better all the time. We are certainly glad we have him. He certainly made a big play last week right before the half that put us ahead and we didn't have to look back after that.

Q. Speaking of receivers, there were a lot of questions in the preseason surrounding the Giants new receivers. What did you see from the Giants receiving corps in Week 1?

A. It is a lot like ours. When you have a good quarterback, those receivers look a lot better because he can get them the football. Eli (Manning) can get guys the football. He threw the ball really well against the Redskins, who I think have a real good pass defense. They did a really good job passing there. I think it has a lot to do with the quarterback, certainly the talent of the receivers is important and they have some talented players. (Hakeem) Nicks, the guy who went out, is going to be a good receiver for them. But, (Mario) Manningham, (Steve) Smith, and (Domenik) Hixon and those guys, are all good receivers.

Q. One of the things that the Giants defense did last week was get a "sudden change" right after a turnover, making big stops. You having been around and seeing a lot of defenses, how important is that?

A. It is really important, I think. It's a situation where your team can let down a little bit if somebody doesn't step up. That kind of attitude really helps your team because you get a turnover and then they score a touchdown, that really deflates the whole team. But, if you have a strong enough grip that they will jump up there and stop them, it can change the momentum in the game.

Q. You remember any one of your particular groups over the years that was good at that?

A. Most places I have been we have had some pretty good defenses that have been able to do it. That is what you talk about a lot certainly and try to work on. I have been lucky to be with a lot of good defenses. I can go all the way back to the Houston Oilers, and in Buffalo we were number one in the league a couple years. I have been around some good defenses.

Q. What is the biggest key for that? Is it leadership, your middle linebacker maybe?

A. Well, that is part of it certainly. It takes kind of grit. You have to have a gritty group, one that will bear down in tough situations and say 'hey, this is what we wanted. This is the situation we want to be put in, because we are going to rise up.' A lot of it is attitude.

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