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D-Line Coach Robert Nunn

Q: We certainly heard the talk about Jason [Pierre-Paul, DE] being raw, but is it reasonable to expect him to contribute this year?

A: Oh I think he will be able to contribute. He's got to continue to work and to do the things he did in the offseason, especially at the end, like right at the end of minicamp the last week or so, a week or 10 days there, he did a lot of good things, a lot of promising things, and he's just going to continue and we're going to see how it goes, go snap by snap, day by day. That's the thing that we've talked about from day one as a group is just go day by day and try to get as fundamentally sound as we can be and if he continues to do that, I certainly see him contributing.

Q: What were those things that looked promising for you? Recognition things or effort things?

A: Both, both recognition things and the guy, just his ability, he has such great ability, and he continued to show it as we got here in the off-season. An extremely talented young man and he's got a good motor. Sometimes he's got a concentrated effort. He's always got good effort, it's just a thing he's got to continue to work on, is to continue to concentrate on what we've got to get done as a group and he's done some outstanding things here in the offseason.

Q: Does concentrated effort equal disciplined effort?

A: Yeah, you can't just go out there and be out of control. Being under control with that kind of effort because he does have a good motor.

Q: You smiled when you talked about his ability…

A: Everything that he showed and watching him in South Florida, you see that showing up a lot. Outstanding talent.

Q: Were there any worries about his conditioning today?

A: No, I felt like he was going to come in here in good shape. I talked to him throughout the summer, even when we were gone, you know, he likes to work and – I wasn't down there right with him, I was with another group when he was working but it won't take him long to get in great shape.

Q: Is there anything you have to be mindful of with Osi [Umenyiora, DE] and the hip?

A: We'll try to manage his reps throughout – with several of them, a lot of the veterans, a lot of guys coming off injuries. That whole group, we're going to try to pay very close attention to, you know, how many reps they're getting throughout training camp and Osi's certainly will. We'll have to watch that and monitor that as it goes.

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