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Daily Blitz - Mar. 22: 46 Days after SBXLVI


On Feb. 5, 2012, the Giants won their fourth Super Bowl and eighth championship in franchise history in a game that was eerily similar to their victory over the same opponent in Super Bowl XLII four years ago.

Tom Coughlin, who became the 13th coach in NFL history to win multiple titles, said it best at the time: "The greatest feeling in professional sports is to win the Super Bowl."

He was then asked about what he's most looking forward to in the wake of the win.

"I'm excited, to be honest with you, for the young guys and the guys who have not experienced it – whether they are veterans or not – for Tuesday," he said. "If you're any kind of historian, and you do have any recollection of this parade, the 'Parade of Champions' if you will, the 'Canyon of Heroes' – I remember (Giants President and CEO) John Mara looking at me and saying, 'You don't want to miss this now.'

"It's the same thing I would convey to all of our players, you don't want to miss this. Heartwarming doesn't quite cover this, what you go through and what your feelings are. When you are looking down the side streets, and there's people forever down those side streets, and they're all there because they are taking ownership of their team."

CLICK SIX>> The Jacksonville Jaguars officially announced the signing of former Giants cornerback Aaron Ross.

On leaving New York, he said, "I love that organization. They started my career off. I speak very highly of coach Coughlin, the whole defensive staff, the players were tremendous, and public relations. I have no regrets at all. At the end of the day, it comes down to a business and your family.''

NFL owners to decide on possible changes to replay, OT, IR. [[]

]( on what NFL owners agree to at next week's league meetings, teams might be able to regain the services of a player who was seriously injured during the regular season, the trade deadline could be moved, overtime policies could become uniform and the penalty for having too many men on the field could be altered.

OFFICIAL RELEASE: NFL announces management discipline in Saints' 'bounty' matter.

Victor Cruz joined Colin Cowherd yesterday on ESPN Radio

Cruz talked everything from the day he got the call from the Giants to Eli Manning and the first time he was recognized in public.

*"I was going to some clothing building because I love clothes. So I was going to get some stuff, and I jump out the car, I think it was this kid, he was pushing a trolley or something down the street, he looked at me and he goes, 'Victor Cruz?' I looked around like 'How does he even know it's me?' I wear a helmet every day, you never really get to see my face. He said 'How could I not know you, you're from Jersey.' He knew my whole story and he wanted an autograph so I gave him an autograph."

*>> Former Giants offensive coordinator Ron Erhardt passed away at the age of 80.

WATCH: OJ Anderson remembers a conversation he had with Ron Erhardt at halftime of Super Bowl XXV.

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