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Coach CoughlinQ: What did you think when you heard that Plaxico signed with the Jets?

A: As we said when we first started talking about this again, I was very happy to have an opportunity to sit and talk to Plax. We were interested in him. He chose to go elsewhere. Our concern in the very beginning, when he was released, was that he would have a chance to get back with his family, establish some type of normalcy in his life, be with his kids – that type of thing. He's taken, obviously, steps in the right direction. He came to see me, which couldn't have been easy for him. Our conversation was very good. It was very sincere. It was very open. His decision was to go elsewhere. It sounded like a bigger guarantee. I don't know all of the facts about that. That's what happens in this business. His decision was made and again, we wish he and his family well.

Q: Did you offer him a chance to stay and he just got a bigger guarantee?

A: There was discussion.

Q: Did he know the financial parameters here?

A: I think he did.

Q: The front office was open about saying that Barry Cofield had to go, that there just wasn't the money for him. Is there disappointment in a similar way that you didn't get Plaxico back?

A: I think anytime you start to engage with anyone, discussions were forthcoming and the player chose to go elsewhere, you always have that initial feeling. We have outstanding players here and we'll certainly keep right on going and try to get better.

Q: Your receiving corps, for a few years, has heard about how different life without Plaxico is. But they seem to keep proving that they are pretty good.

A: We're going to take it that way. Last year there were two teams that led the league in big plays and we were one of them.

Q: The team wasn't going to sign Plaxico to sit him. Do you feel the team needs to add another receiver?

A: You continue to look at whatever's out there. Our interest in Plaxico did not mean we were in the search of a receiver because we didn't think that we had receivers here that could play. We do. Obviously, we do.

Q: Do you engage in conversations with Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, or Ahmad Bradshaw?

A: I talked with Steve prior to, but not really recently. I haven't talked to Bradshaw or Boss since the negotiating started.

Q: Do you ever think that? Do you think that would help?

A: Occasionally. If there is a question about where the individual fits in the scheme of things, that's where we come in. I do get involved and I would be more than happy to get involved again if the questions were along those lines, but I don't think they are.

Q: Do you expect Osi to practice today?

A: Osi had a physical. He is due to see Dr. Warren this afternoon. I doubt that he will be cleared to practice this afternoon, although I'm purely speculating. Until we get all of that in order, we'll just continue to practice in the manner that we have.

Q: Do you doubt he'll be cleared because of time restrictions or because he has something?

A: We'll see. As I've been saying all along, we'll see.

Q: Does everybody see Dr. Warren or has he complained about something?

A: No, but there's been issues over the years. The hip that Osi's had, for example, includes, probably, Dr. Warren coming in and talking with him.

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to Osi at all?

A: I talked to Osi briefly yesterday. I think one of the good things that occurred yesterday was that Osi and Jerry had a chance to talk. I think something good came out of that.

Q: What's the relationship between Osi and Jerry?

A: You'd have to speak with them.

Q: At what point do you say that Bradshaw's not going to come in, we just have to cut our losses and go find somebody else? Or are you happy with what you have?

A: As I say, you're always looking for players who can help you. If it's not going to be Ahmad, then it has to be perhaps someone else.

Q: How long can you wait on him?

A: I'm not going to put a parameter on that. We're practicing and everyone is aware of August 4th and so on. How does that fit into a player's idea about when he comes, that's another issue.

Q: Do you think Osi's in the right frame of mind for training camp?

A: I really haven't had any chance to speak with him to any extent so I wouldn't be prepared to say that. I've said many times, twice I think so far since we started, that certainly I would hope so. We hope to have him here, along with our other outstanding players because together with the group that we have, I think we can present some issues.

Q: Last night was the first time you got to see your rookies ever on the field. Are they way too far behind to expect anything of them?

A: Actually, none of you asked me afterwards and nothing was said, but we didn't put the ball on the ground last night, we didn't have any false starts. We didn't have any issues along those lines, which you would normally associate with how long we've been out of practice, with being with each other. I'm hoping, since I just stuck my foot in my mouth, we're not saving it up for this afternoon.

Q: How did Marvin Austin look?

A: Pretty good.

Q: How did Clint Sintim's knee hold up at first team linebacker?

A: Well, he's maintained it well. He's working on it. He just had the surgery eight months ago or so, let's hope he can keep going. Normally, those guys are limited to one a day. Occasionally there's an issue that they have to have a little more than that, but I think Clint's in a good frame of mind. Yesterday was one practice.

Q: Do you need more guys at linebacker?

A: How can you can say that, without a sheet of paper, nobody here knows who they are, including me.

Q: Is that a position that's a concern?

A: No more than any other position right now. An awful lot of things need to happen as you move forward.

Q: Jerry seemed irritated the other day with questions about needing linebackers and said someone needs to come out of the shadows. Does someone need to come out of the shadows? Are they in the shadows?

A: With the opportunity to play a year ago, the extensive play time that a lot of these guys have had, this is going to be better. I think Jonathan Goff is going to be better, for example. Hopefully Sintim will stay on the field and be the player that he was drafted him to be. A couple of these young kids got our attention yesterday, right away.

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing how this new look offensive line comes together?

A: I'm looking forward to having an opportunity to work with these guys, yeah. Snee goes over to center and he looked like he played there all his life. That was a good thing, real good. No matter what the obstacle is or what the apparent problem is, something happens that I think is a positive. Hopefully, that is going to happen every day.

Q: How good is it to have competition at punter? One is a young kid, one is a veteran.

A: Best word is that, competition. Any time you can create that, you are going to be better off for it. Sometimes the numbers don't allow it, sometimes they do allow it. I would hope that one thing that would be in the new CBA was 90 (players) every summer. You'd be surprised what the difference between 90 and 80 is when you're putting a roster together for summer camp.

Q: Did Weatherford's history at the stadium factor in when you guys brought him in?

A: I think, just the quality, the way in which we looked at him – his career versus some of the other people that were out there.

Q: He said he had the leeway for a fake punt, pass at the Jets.

A: Leeway, that's the word right there. He won't have that here.

Q: Leeway is not to throw it.

A: No.

Q: That was not part of the negotiation?

A: That word was not included. I think it's safe to say that.

Q: That wasn't part of the language?

A: There was language, but that wasn't [it].

Q: At what point do you want the free agents here and practicing?

A: This afternoon.

Q: Realistically?

A: By August 4th, you would hope. I would hope. We're trying to do the best we can with the players available to fill positions. We do have, and you'll see them today, a bunch of grey shirts watching practice. If the rules were different, they'd all be dressed. We'll get there, we'll get there.

Q: How anxious are you to get the roster settled?

A: We talked about this extensively and this might be one of those unusual years where you may have changes in your roster anytime throughout training camp. You go into it knowing full well, normally that's the case. This year, because of the last six months, who knows? There could be changes throughout camp. Yeah, you'd like it settled. Yeah, you want to get to work. Yeah, you want to have cumulative practice time. Hopefully that will be the case. To always try to improve and do better and create the competition you're talking about, I'd like to be able to do that, too.

**P Matt Dodge


Q: What was your reaction when Weatherford was signed?

A: I was excited. It would be foolish to think that he was not going to get signed and when you look at the people who were available and the year he had in the exact same stadium. To be shocked would be dumb on my part. I was excited for the chance to go up against easily one of the best punters in the league. I'm excited to get it done.

Q: Are you better prepared for your second year then you were your first?

A: Yeah. Physically, I didn't come in twenty pounds heavier, but I've been in Jersey for a year and my comfort level has got to be ten times more than it was my first day here. I know I couldn't even hardly say my name the first day I was here. Now, it's really just punting the ball and when you think about it like that, it takes a lot of pressure off and you're really able to do what you can do.

Q: When someone challenges you or puts you on the spot, do you look at it as a positive and move forward?

A: That's truly the only way, if you want to be successful, to look at it. Any great competitor, anybody out here, if you're doing the job right away, it's not as good as when you win it. When you know you have somebody you're going up against, it's just that incentive to do better. You have to perform because somebody is right there trying to get the same job you are. I think it's exciting. I couldn't sleep at night. I had everybody calling me, telling me about it. I was just tossing and turning in anticipation to get out here yesterday. It's awesome.

Q: You had a couple of really good performances, did that give you a lot of confidence going into this year?

A: As a Christian, my confidence comes in God and the ability he's given me. If I had a bad game, I don't think I'm less of a man and if I had a good game, I don't think I'm any more of a man. I have confidence still being on the team after something like that and my coaches and the way the team rallied around me, I got more confidence in that than anything I could've done.

Q: Is it your impression that it's going to come down to preseason games, how you perform in game situations?

A: I can really only control what I do. I can't control what the front office does. They're one of the best organizations in the league for personnel and stuff like that. If this is the guy they want, they didn't make a bad choice, he's an amazing punter and all I can do is control how I punt. If it comes to a preseason game, I'm not thinking like I need to average forty-eight this game to give me a chance. Just enjoy the process. If given the opportunity to put on the Giants uniform one more time, it would be awesome. That's kind of how I'm looking at it.

Q: As you look back on your rookie year, what are your thoughts?

A: I'd like to say that I had some good games and obviously, I got a lot of flack for some punts. And believe me, I wasn't going home, 'Well, I thought that was a good punt.' I'm just as tough and critical of myself, but overall, I think I carried myself well and learned a lot. I couldn't ask for a better rookie year as far as learning experience and character building, stuff like that. If it was a great year, I think I'd be in the same spot as I am now. But everything that was thrown at me and everything that I went through, that makes you a better man.

Q: Have you ever had to compete for a job before?

A: Yeah. In college there are like three or four punters you're going against. It's neat to have another punter, 'Alright I'm punting now, because next punt he's got the next punt.' You're not going to get a better opportunity right away. The inner competitor comes out in every athlete and yeah, I'm excited.

Q: By the way things ended last year, did you expect them to bring in somebody?

A: My coaches said, if you look around the league, even some of the best punters in the league, there is two guys in training camp. It would be ignorant for me to think that I would be the only one in here, especially after some of the up and down performances and a lot of the media attention to the punter. To think they weren't going to bring somebody in would have been foolish. When I saw who it was, I was like, man that's awesome. He's a great punter too. It's going to be fun to compete.

Q: Did you work on holding this offseason?

A: Yeah, that's something I worked on even when I wasn't doing it last year. We did it every day. It's something you gain confidence in just like punting in the league. It's all about confidence. I'm not physically unable to hold, it's just once you get game reps and stuff like that, you're confident and just go out there and do it.

Q: A week ago you told me you consider him a friend of yours. How has he been to you?

A: Great. I have guys back home, I'm from a little redneck town in North Carolina, who are like man, what are you going to do. I'm like what do you mean? He's fighting for the same job I am. I've got no animosity. He's looking for a job, just trying to get paid like everybody. He's a great guy and an even better punter. I'm excited to be around him.

Q: How often did you kick during the lockout?

A: To be honest, I took a little while off. Just got away from it, give my legs a rest. Got back into it about two or three times a week, kind of similar to training camp where you punt one day and not the next. I wasn't out there beating hundreds of hundreds of balls. I know I have the ability. I've been gifted with the ability, it's just going out there, being confident and just doing it.

**WR Ramses Barden


Q: Are you close?

A: I'm not sure what the timetable is. I know right now they want to kind of take everything slow to make sure there's no issues that arise. It's important for me to be 100% and not have any kind of setbacks or anything. I think both the coaches and the training staff are confident with me.

Q: Are you running?
A: Whatever you see me do out here is what I'm doing. I don't know how much I'm allowed to speak on it, so I'll just say that.

Q: Would your recovery time have been different had you had the team trainers this whole offseason?

A: I don't necessarily think so. I think the person they had me working out with on the west coast is renowned across the country. Maybe if I had the surgery a little earlier, I'm sure I'd be at a different stage. But, you play the cards you're dealt. I'm still excited about when the opportunity comes to be back on the field and play with my family that's out there. You know we're going to have a good time.

Q: Was it all because of everything that happened in February? It wasn't healing properly?

A: There was nothing that happened between that time. From the injury to March, there was not a setback. There wasn't me going out playing basketball. There wasn't me playing golf. I was following the strict regimen that was given by the training staff out here and the training staff in Los Angeles. They went back and took another MRI and they saw something they didn't see before.

Q: When was the MRI?
A: End of February, I think.

Q: Do you think you'll be able to participate in training camp?

A: At some point in time, I believe so.

Q: When you arrived here it was right after Plax was gone. I remember at rookie camp we asked the questions.
A: I expected them. I was forewarned.

Q: And you diffused them right away.
A: I was forewarned about that as well. I'm in New York.

Q: Here we are again, we're flirting here. At this point are you tired of hearing it?
A: Not really. Partially I take it as a compliment to be compared to him in so many ways. At the same time I don't have any say in the decision process of where he goes now. He's obviously been through an emotional time and I wish him the best. From what I've heard, he's signed with another team. So, I don't know that it's still an option for him to come here.

Q: You can say the name of the other team.

A: I don't know. What's their name? I'm kidding. I wish him the best. Even beforehand it was more about what I can do, what I can bring to the table when I am healthy. I think it speaks to the confidence that the coaches and management have with the receivers that we have in our room. We are young, we're very young. But, there's not a lack of talent.

Q: But, you get it? You look at your measurables and his measurables and they're nearly identical. You get why people are looking for you to be that guy, right?
A: Oh sure. In my mind I want to be that and more. As soon as I'm healthy, that's what I plan on showing. I have to kind of take it day-to-day and one step at a time.

Q: Are you thankful they didn't sign him? That's a roster spot.

A: You know what, I really don't think about it like that. In my mind, if he's here, it's great competition. At the same time, there's probably some things I could learn. If he's not here, theres a greater sense of pressure on me to perform and fill that void. Either way, it's a challenge I can live up to.

Q: Do you think the Giants need him?
A: I don't think so. Like I said, we have a tremendous amount of talent in that room, top to bottom, myself included. I'm confident that with what we've had the last couple of years we can get everything we need to get to where we want to go.

Q: Are you ready to do more? Do you feel like you can physically do more? Are the Giants being extra careful with you?

A: I'm not sure. That might be the case, that might not be the case. I'm confident in the recovery process and I trust the trainers. We're going to take it slow because that seems to be the smart thing to do. We'll go from there.

**LB Clint Sintim


Q: How are you feeling?

A: I have been working out at UVa and I feel really confident about my knee. I did everything that was expected of me so now it is all about putting the pieces to the puzzle.

Q: Are you on a schedule?

A: Yesterday was really the first day and I just wanted to push it and test it to see how it went. It felt great yesterday. I think the training staff has done a great job of setting me up with a game ready which is the ice machine and I iced it. I just finished icing it now and stretching it and doing everything possible to keep it as good as possible. I am going to take it day to day and figure it out. 

Q: Will you practice today?

A: I will go today.

Q: What does it mean to have people believing in you?

A: To have an opportunity, the opportunity to play and I'm excited about that opportunity to play. My main focus is to continue to get better and prove myself regardless of whatever the speculation is. I have not lost confidence in myself. I have confidence in myself and I have to put the pieces to the puzzle.    

**WR Devin Thomas


Q: How excited are you about your chances for a third receiver job?
A: I'm really excited. It's a blessing to be able to come back. Coming here last year towards the end was just getting the groove of things and starting to pick up on the play book and everything. Now, it's kind of a fresh start. We missed out on the mini-camps and everything with the lockout, but to start camp with this team has just been a great opportunity.

Q: Did that part of a year, regardless of how often you were able to get out on the field, help get you ready for this year?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. Like I said, picking up on the terminology last year and just getting a feel for how things are operated around here has definitely given me a jump start just to start training camp.

Q: You're probably a bit of an unknown to Giants fans. Do you think you can surprise them with what you can do?
A: Yeah. For those who don't know who I am or haven't seen me, I feel like I could definitely bring that excitement and everything. I definitely have the desire to showcase my talent. Obviously things happened in my past for obvious reasons or whatnot, but now is the chance to start anew. I have the desire and the hunger to make it happen.

Q: How much talk is there about Plaxico?
A: There wasn't really any talk about it. We heard about it, but there wasn't much to say. We are a receiver group and we're ready to make things happen. Plax, I heard he's over there with the Jets now. Congratulations to him. That's my big brother, Michigan State guy. I wish him the best.

Q: The team was thinking of bringing another receiver in. Do the guys take that as a challenge, take that as an insult? What do they take that as?
A: I take it as, as far as what we have right now, we have a lot of receivers. A lot of guys are in the pool and want to make it, especially guys like me. You think about a guy like Plax and the things he's done in the past and you wouldn't be surprised that a team wants to look at him. You can't look at that as anything, but focus on your job.

Q: Is there any relief that there's one less guy to compete with?

A: Honestly, I don't really see other guys – I'm focused on myself. Competition is always going to be there. You always have to compete, whether its receivers or DBs. It's just part of the game.

Q: There are going to be comparisions made between your receiving group and other teams' and how you guys match up with the Philadelphia secondary. How good is your corps here? How good is this group?
A: I really don't feel like there's a need to talk. We just have to produce. We just have to display what we can do. Everybody has their own bandwagons. You want to jump on teams for getting guys from the off season and stuff. But, pretty much, everybody has to perform. Everybody has to step on the field and do what they have to do. If they're going to be good, they're going to be good. They have to showcase it.

Q: Do you have any kick return duties or anything like that?

A: I'm still on the depth chart for that. So, when I get my opportunities, I'll make the best of it.

Q: You made an impact on special teams last year. How important is that to you to move forward?
A: It's huge. I just feel like wherever I can contribute I'm definitely going to put my hardest effort into it. On special teams, I just feel like I'm an all-purpose player anyway. So whatever it is, kick returns or if I'm running down as a gunner, it doesn't matter to me. I'm just a football player. I'm going to make it happen.

Q: How frustrating was it after catching like 30 passes, being on the depth chart, and going to the point where you're playing with three different teams in one year?
A: It was humbling. It was really humbling. It really changed my outlook on how I approached the game. It brought me back down and brought the hunger back out of me again. Right now I'm just starving and I'm thirsty. I have to eat and drink.

Q: You have a different kind of resume than some of these guys. Do you think maybe that will show itself at some point?
A: I have a lot of confidence that that will happen. I'm confident in my abilities. I'm confident in the coaching staff to showcase what I can do and I'm looking forward to that.

Q: InWashingtonyou had a lot of attention …

A: It's a different aspect. Honestly, I haven't seen the media in a long time. … Nothing's really changed as far as how I feel besides the fact that the things I've been though added to my flame. Like I said, I humble myself more than I ever had. I had the chance to get back to my roots of who I am and I've grown as a young man. I just feel real great right now to be able to 

**DT Linval Joseph


Q: Do you feel like it's your turn now that the spot is open?

A: My opportunity is open a lot more now so right now I just have to give it my all, give it my best and just be ready.

Q: Do you feel a lot more ready this year?

A: Right now I'm just getting back into things, that's what I have to do. I feel like I'm getting there.

Q: It seems like last year was a red shirt year almost for you.  What did you gather from those six games on the field and your practice time?

A: Practice to me is just like a game because you have to practice to be ready for game day.  Last year I felt like I was ready but at the same time there was Barry Cofield, Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard; we had a lot of good players so I just have to play my role, play my part.

Q: Have they specifically told you that you're the starting defensive tackle?

A: Not yet. Right now they tell me you have a lot of opportunities, right now just take advantage of it.

Q: What do you think of Marvin Austin?

A: He's a good guy. He's a rookie. He's in my same shoes right now. Right now I just coach him, help him and as a team we've got to do this together.

Q: Is he too rusty to be a threat to you?

A: Rusty? No. He doesn't call for that. It's just been a long time for him and he's trying to get back into it.

Q: What's one thing the coaches have told you to focus on, to improve on, to earn that starting spot?

A:  Right now nothing.  Just make plays, be fast and the small things. Work on the little things.

Q: What's the difference between this year and last.  Obviously, last year you come in as a rookie trying to get acclimated, but now that you have a chance to be a starter and have a significant role in this D-line, what's different about the mindset coming in this year?

A: This year has started slow but so far you have just a little more time to rest up, to study, to look at film and prepare yourself. Last year you had to do a whole bunch of rookie stuff.  Rookie meetings and stuff like that so this year I have a lot more time to focus a lot more.

Q: In the offseason did you do anything particular to gain more muscle or lose weight?

A: In the offseason, I really didn't have an offseason.  I kept on track.  I went back down to Florida and I was doing a lot of running and trying to train my body more and get my body weight down and try to make everything a lot more solid than last year.

Q: Did you gain muscle?

A: Yeah, I leaned out.

Q: Would you be upset if they added a veteran defensive tackle?

A: No, not at all. 

Q: Someone to compete with?

A: They want to win and if there's somebody out there that's a vet that's better that comes in, I can't be mad at them.  That's their decision.  So I'm just going to go with it and play my part.

Q: Have you seen Osi yet?

A: Yeah I've seen Osi.  

Q: Is he smiling?

A: He's smiling, everybody's smiling. I like Osi. Osi's a great player and right now hopefully everything works cool and he's back on he field with us.

Q: Would you expect him back after tonight?

A: I don't know what's going on with Osi so I'm just waiting to see.

Q: Was it a distraction for someone like you to not know who's on your line?

A: Well it's not just focused on me. Whenever he comes back out there and reunites with the team, he'll be ready to go.

Q: Coach Coughlin said yesterday that he expects you to be the one to step up.  What does that mean to you that he has that kind of faith in you and does that put any added pressure on you?

A: Not at all. No added pressure. I'm going to do what I need to do and I just want to help the team in any way I can.

Q: In terms of defensive snaps last year, how many did you get?

A: In the last couple games I got a lot of snaps, 30-40 snaps.

Q: How much does that experience help?

A: Every snap, every play helps.  So just to get some snaps on the field in practice or preseason it felt pretty good just to play and just to move around.

Q: Is it a good feeling knowing that the head coach has that kind of faith in you that he thinks you're gong to be the one to step up?

A: It feels real good. I don't want to let him down.

**WR Mario Manningham


Q: How do you feel about you and Hakeem Nicks as a one-two punch?

A: You put us in a position to make plays and we make them. It is no pressure to it. This is what we do, we play wide receiver so we are used to it. Because you hear all this stuff, it doesn't make a difference what people have to say. We have a different spark to us. We talk all the time. We don't care if they ever talk about us, as long as we win on Sundays, that's all that matters and for us to do our jobs. 

Q: How do you feel about going up against the Philadelphia Eagles?

A: I feel like we can match up with anybody, I am not going to down talk our receivers. We go against the best every week, Sunday in and Sunday out. I am not about to say they have a three-headed monster or give them all the props in the world and they haven't even played a game yet. They are good, they are athletes and they are in the NFL. We go out and do what we have to do and we will see when we play them.

Q: Can you talk about your emergence towards the end of last year?

A: Just reading the coverages and knowing what we can do and how the corner is going to play. Knowing what they are going to do on what downs and what coverages they are going to throw at us.

Q: How do you feel about Plaxico Burress?

A: It wouldn't be right if nobody said anything about him so we are just going to take it how it is. Me, Hakeem (Nicks), and Steve (Smith) held it down while he wasn't here. I don't know. That is up to you all to figure that out, if we did good or not.

Q: Have the wide receivers talked about Plaxico Burress?

A: We haven't talked about him. That's not up to us if he comes in or not. It is not up to us, we can only control what we can control.

Q: Does it motivate you a little bit more?

A: I still have the same motivation that I had when I first came in my first year.  I don't want to make him mad at me. I want to make him proud.

**DT Chris Canty


Q: Any thoughts on Burress signing with the Jets?
A: Well, he's a terrific player and obviously he's coming out of a tough situation so I wish him the best. At the same time, we have to move forward and do what's in the best interest of our football team and go about putting our team together and get ready to compete.

Q: Are you worried that there are a multitude of guys who are still out there who haven't come into camp yet?
A: It's just a situation that we have to deal with. We have to trust management knows what it's doing and it's conducting its business in the best interest of the guys on the team and we'll move forward accordingly.* *

Q: Osi Umenyiora is here, so do you think things are going to work out?
A: I hope things will work out. He's a terrific player and quite frankly, we need that guy. He's a tremendous pass-rusher and a tremendous asset to our football team. He's very disruptive—not only does he sack the quarterback, but he creates a lot of turnovers for us. He's a great teammate, a great guy in the locker room, we're excited to have him around and hopefully we'll get him back into the business of football.* *

Q: With Cofield gone do you think you're going to have to play an even bigger role?
A: Obviously I'm going to have to step up. Cofield did a lot of things to make my job easier, so I'm excited for him to move forward with his career with his new team. At the same time I understand that I've got to step up here and contribute a little more to this football team from a leadership perspective and a performance perspective and I'm ready to take on a challenge. I'm excited about it, it's great to be here and I'm excited about getting back to work.* *

Q: …You have a rookie and a second-year guy who didn't play much as a rookie..?
A: Yeah, if you think about it from that perspective, we've got our work cut out for us. Right now, we just have to do the best we can with our football team as it is right now and continue to come out here each day and be sharp and get the most out of our performance each day and take advantage of opportunities.* *

Q: What do you say to those guys?
A: The best thing for me is to just show them. It starts with leadership. You can talk until you're blue in the face but they come out here every day, day in and day out and they see me and see how I present myself as a veteran and I just try to pull those guys along and tell them I'm trying to show them the way and hope that they follow along.* *

Q: What are your impressions of Linval Joseph?
A: Linval looks big. He's done a great job of keeping his body ready to come in and step right in and play football. He's a big, strong guy, very physical guy. There's nobody in the NFL that could stop him. He's just that kind of guy. Marvin, he's a great, athletic guy and he's very explosive. I'm excited about the talent and I'm going to try to help him and coach him up as much as I can. They're going to help me with some things, too, so I'm excited to work with them.

Q: Are there expectations of the rookies?
A: There are a lot of expectations for those young guys. They're going to be put on the field and they're going to have to produce. We have a high level of expectations for them, a high performance expectation. We're in the performance business—this is our business. Those guys are going to be put into situations where they're going to have to play significant minutes; they're going to have to play football so we have to do our best job to get them prepared to do that.* *

Q: How about Osi—he's been here for a day. Has he been grumpy?
A: No, Osi hasn't been grumpy at all. He's excited to see everybody and we're excited to see him. I know that there's a little bit of a medical issue there as well, so we're going to let that play out as much we can. I don't know much about it, but we're excited to have him in the building and we're excited to have him as a part of our football team.

**P Steve Weatherford


Q: How far was the move?

A: I'm actually not moving. I am going to stay in the same place so not far at all. The only transition for me is moving the family out first. But first things first, I'm focused on football and really excited to have the opportunity to play for the New York Giants.

Q: What was free agency like?

A: It was fast. I think it was like that for everybody. There were some choices to make going into free agency, just having the relationship with Zak DeOssie, Lawrence Tynes and having a familiar relationship with Tom Quinn, I knew going into free agency that this was the place I wanted to play. I enjoyed my time playing in this stadium and I enjoyed my time playing with Rex Ryan but it was time for me to move on. Just talking to my representation, this just felt like a prefect fit for me.

Q: What are your thoughts about joining this franchise?

A: A, it is New York and B, it is the New York Giants. It's a prestigious franchise that has been playing at a high level of football for a long time and I'm blessed to get the opportunity.  

Q: Were you surprised or disappointed that the New York Jets didn't try to re-sign you?

A: It wasn't something that I wanted to do so we didn't reach out to them. It is nothing against them. I enjoyed my time there but for me, I felt like it was just time to move on. I enjoyed the two years that I played there. I have nothing but the best things to say about Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson and as a franchise. They are great but I want to win a championship here.

Q: Why was it time to move on from the New York Jets?

A: My wife loved New York and going into free agency coming off of a strong season where I tied an NFL record with punts inside the 20 and I had twenty-two inside the 10 so I knew options would be there. I really like the coaching staff here. I feel like this is a really good fit and I can do well what they like. I know that Jeff Feagles is a hall of famer here and I tried to model myself after him in the younger years of his NFL career. I think I have watched enough film of Jeff to make any of you guys puke but I am definitely prepared for the challenge.

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