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Quotes: Daniel Jones updates injury; Eli Manning on starting again

QB Eli Manning

Q: When did you hear the news and how were you told?

A: I knew Daniel was dealing with an injury, I didn't know the severity since he finished the game. I talked to the coaches yesterday and they said he probably wasn't going to practice today and they didn't know the circumstances, so (they told me) just be ready to practice this week. We'll see where it goes for Monday night.

Q: What have the last 10 or 11 weeks been like for you?

A: A little different trying to adjust to it and always be prepared to go. Try to get Daniel as prepared as possible each week. I faced a lot of the teams that we have been playing and just look through old notes and tips on trying to diagnose defenses. Also trying to get myself ready to play each week.

Q: Emotionally, what is it like for you to come back and play?

A: We'll see what happens Monday, but business as usual. In the sense of you get the game plan, start prepping for Philly. (We're) going against a good defense we 've faced a number of years, (we) know them well. Just have to get back in the mix with the offensive line and receivers, make sure timing is where it needs to be.

Q: What's been the toughest part of these last 11 weeks for you?

A: Not playing in the games. You miss being a part of the action and practicing and all that. Felt good to get out there today and throw it around and compete a little bit.

Q: Did you think you had played your last time for the Giants? Had you thought about playing in a game late in the season when Daniel wasn't playing?

A: No, just taking it one week at a time. You never know what can happen and always be ready.

Q: Has this impacted anything about your future plans?

A: Again, just take it one game at a time. You never want to try to make decisions about your future while you're still living in the present and don't know the circumstances of what could happen. Just have to go out there and try to get a win for the Giants if I'm asked to do that. I'll analyze everything else after the season.

Q: How do you feel physically, you haven't been hit for a couple months?

A: Physically I feel good. I've had time to get extra workouts and do those things just to stay in shape, so you're not banged up. I feel fresh and ready to go.

Q: Do you feel like you can be sharp? It has been a while…

A: Yeah, you're still practicing, you're still out there. Sometimes you're running other people's plays but you're still throwing it, hitting guys in stride and trying to throw it accurately and doing all of the drills. Hope to get back there and be sharp.

Q: How much do you think this can serve as a showcase for next year for you?

A: I'm not worried about that. I'm trying to go out there, play hard, compete, and try to get a win for the team. The team is obviously going on a long stretch. Guys are working hard and doing everything right and deserve to feel good about the work that we're putting in.

Q: What has been your impression of Daniel (Jones) as you've watched him play?

A: Daniel is competing and learning. He makes a lot of great plays and I think he's doing everything to get prepared and make progress each week. I've just been impressed with his work ethic and the dedication he has put towards getting ready to play each week.

Q: Pat Shurmur said you were, 'eager.' How eager are you to play?

A: I think you're always eager to play, that's why you play. That's why you compete, and you work out and do everything— to go out there and compete on gameday and get wins and put your team in a situation to win. I think when you're not doing that you miss it, and you're excited about the competitive part of it.

Q: Year after year, you've heard backups here talk about, 'We have to be ready, I know I'm not starting but we have to be ready to play.' You weren't on the other side of that. How hard is that now that you've lived through that for two months?

A: Yeah, I mean it is difficult. Especially when you've been the starter for so long and you're not really accustomed to preparing and preparing and not putting it to use, in that sense. I think just having a lot of experience and knowing the offense and knowing I can pop in there and be ready to go at any time.

Q: Obviously a lot has happened since we last spoke to you. What was the trade deadline like for you? Was there any discussion of possibly going anywhere else?

A: No, I don't think so. That was a long time ago, I can't think that far back.

Q: How wild is it the fact that you spent 15 years and took every single snap and here's a kid in his first year and he ends up getting an injury. Does it make you feel that much more fortunate that you were able to play for such a long period of time without getting hurt?

A: Well, you had injuries and stuff and you just try to fight through things and get ready. I think Daniel wants to play, I think he's going to do everything possible to get back and rehab. He's a young kid, so I'm sure he'll bounce back quickly. I'm sure the staff and everybody wants to be…they don't want to take something that can be somewhat minor and turn it into something that's a bigger deal down the line.

Q: Did you have any conversations with the Giants prior to today about wanting to play at least one more game in a Giants uniform?

A: No, never. It never came up.

QB Daniel Jones

Q: You expressed on Monday that you'd be confident that you'd be able to play. What happened since then?

A: I guess just the MRI and looking into it, I think, yeah. Obviously, I want to be out there and we'll see how it heals, but yeah, I think just the MRI.

Q: Did you sense something was wrong other than just soreness after going in the tent?

A: Yeah, it hurt. I mean, I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know if it would keep me from playing or not. But, yeah.

Q: Was that the reason why you went in the blue medical tent, or did you get hurt again later on in the game?

A: That was it right there on that drive when it happened. I kind of knew right when it happened.

Q: How difficult is it to play through the high ankle sprain? They can be pretty tricky and horrible to play through.

A: It was all right. I mean, it wasn't the same. I felt it, but it was all right, something I could manage.

Q: How disappointing is this?

A: It's pretty disappointing, especially after thinking I was going to be able to play. Meanwhile, I understand it, I guess, and hopefully it'll heal up pretty quick.

Q: What are the chances you come back in the next three or four weeks?

A: I think they're good. I think every day since, I've been feeling better and I think it should heal up pretty quickly.

Q: Do you still think there is a chance to play Monday night, or have you pretty much been told no.

A: I think right now I'm going to take it day by day and see how it feels and do the best I can to heal as quickly as I can. So, we'll see.

Q: Sometimes when quarterbacks get hurt, especially young quarterbacks, you have to take a step back and see things differently. It happened last year with (Sam) Darnold, he was able to kind of see things from the bench. Do you kind of anticipate that you'll be looking to learn things not playing and maybe get a different perspective?

A: Yeah, I guess it's an opportunity to do that. Obviously, you want to be playing, and I feel like the best way to learn is to play, but there is an opportunity in learning, watching, and yeah, I'll try to do the best I can to do that.

Q: You've played through worse injuries than this. Is it tough to hear the news that you can't play through this one?

A: Yeah, I mean, it's disappointing. You want to play, everyone wants to play. I certainly won't play, but I do understand it and it's my job to get healthy as quick as I can.

Q: Do you have an appreciation for—you know, Eli (Manning) never had to miss a game because of injury over like 15 years almost—do you kind of have an appreciation for how incredible that streak is?

A: Yeah, I mean, I think so. I obviously have a ton of respect for him for a lot of different reasons, but yeah, that's one of them.

Q: Saquon (Barkley) had a similar injury. I believe yours is not as severe. Have you checked with him yet at all about dealing with a high ankle sprain?

A: Yeah, I've talked to him a little bit in terms of severity. I'm not sure, but we play different positions and are asked to different things, so I think I'll be able to recover pretty quickly.

Q: Have you thought about getting a second opinion from an outside doctor, or have they told you to get a second opinion?

A: I think the doctors I've seen here have been helpful and I'm confident in what I've heard here. I think, like I've said, I have the opportunity to heal up pretty quickly, so I look forward to doing it.

Q: What was Saquon's advice on how to deal with high ankle sprains?

A: Obviously, he took his time to recover and it feels better now, he doesn't have any issues with it now. So, I think just to listen to the trainers and to listen to the doctors and make sure I'm doing everything I can to recover as quickly as I can.

Q: What were Eli's last eight weeks like in the meeting room for you guys? Was he doing the same things for you that you were doing for him like the first two weeks, or is it different, he's been there, done that?

A: It's a little different. I mean, I think what he can help me with is a lot different from what I can help him with. Just trying to help him out and if he doesn't have time to watch a certain game or doesn't have time to look at something, maybe I can do it, whereas he's watching a lot of things with me and trying to take me through a lot of different things. So, I think that's a little bit different role, but I did the best I can to help out.

Q: When was the last time you hurt your ankle this badly, and how did you handle it?

A: I had a high ankle last year at Duke and it was on the other leg. I was able to play through it. So, it takes time to heal, but I'm confident I'll be able to heal.

Q: You missed a game or two at Duke though last year, right? What was that?

A: That was a collarbone. I broke my collarbone.

Q: So, if you played through a high ankle sprain, this one must be worse. Does it feel worse?

A: Yeah, I mean, it's tough to tell a year from now, but I'm confident I'll heal pretty quickly and be back out there soon.

Coach Pat Shurmur

Q: How does Eli (Manning) look?
A: Eli looks good. He's been ready to play all year. If in fact he does play this week, he will be ready to go.

Q: Considering how long it's been, how long of a layoff he's had, he's never really experienced this sort of thing in his career. What are your expectations for him Monday night?
A: I expect him to go out and have a winning performance. That's what I expect.

Q: When will you have to make that call? When do you think you'll make that call?
A: Well, at this point, as I mentioned earlier, Daniel (Jones) hasn't been able to practice today. If we had to play tomorrow, he couldn't play. As the week goes on, it'll be more and more evident that he's not going to be ready to go. As we practice, Eli takes all the reps and then we move on.

Q: Any thought to shutting Daniel down for the season?
A: No. We take everything week to week.

Q: Would you worry about rust in a 38-year-old who hasn't played in months?
A: No. We're not going to worry. We're going to go play, be aggressive about it, give him the things that he can do well and take it from there.

Q: You know him, obviously, better than all of us, so why is rust not a concern for you with Eli?
A: Why is rust not a concern? What are we going to do about it? Why worry about things that you can't do anything about? I anticipate and expect that he's going to be ready to play.

Q: I have some logistical questions. Why doesn't he come out for the coin toss anymore or the first warmup period before games?
A: That's just his choice. Just his choice.

Q: Steve Tisch yesterday did not provide a vote of confidence for you or Dave Gettleman when given the opportunity. What is your reaction to that?
A: I really have no reaction to that. I was made aware that he spoke yesterday. I'm sure he's disappointed with the results this season, just like I am and we are. I'm trying to get this team ready to play and win a game against Philly.

Q: Do you feel like you're coaching for your job over the final four weeks? Do you feel like you need to show dramatic improvement to be back here?
A: I feel like I'm coaching for my job every day. That's the way we function. As players, you're playing for your job, and you're coaching for your job every day. We understand this is a results business, and the ultimate result is winning games. Along the way, doing the things necessary to win a game and then consistently win. That's just the reality of it.

Q: What was Eli's reaction when you told him that he was going to be taking the first team snaps at practice today and probably tomorrow?
A: He was eager, let's go. That's it. Very eager.

Q: Obviously, you went through this when you made the switch. Daniel has a different skillset than Eli Manning. Is it much of a change? Do you have to call much of a different game if Eli is back in there?
A: No, it'll be similar. There will be a play or two different, but again, Eli's been ready to go in case he had to play the last 10 weeks. Now he'll get himself more ready to go.

Q: Has he been getting any of the first team reps, or just all scout team?
A: Occasional.

Q: Since you took this job, you've talked about an appreciation for this franchise and what it means. If you guys lose on Monday night, you tie the longest losing streak in franchise history. I know you always say you don't want to pay attention to noise outside, but does that mean extra for you? Does it put anything more on this game to avoid having something like that?
A: I don't think you're avoiding that type of stuff. What you're trying to do is win the game on the positive side of things. I get that. All that kind of stuff adds up. But we don't focus on that. We're trying to do what we can to win a game.

Q: Have you gotten a chance to talk to Janoris (Jenkins), and how did that conversation go?
A: Yeah, I've spoken to him.

Q: How'd that go?
A: It was great. What I speak to the players about, I keep between the player and myself.

Q: How ironic is it the fact that Jones is a rookie and he's out after the 11*th* game, and the guy who he replaced didn't miss a game, didn't miss a snap for 15 years? Is there any sense of irony at all?
A: Interesting. I don't sense the irony there, no.

Q: Does it make you appreciate what Eli did for 16 years without missing a game?
A: I think we all should appreciate that. That's part of what makes Eli who he is. You can see it on all teams at all positions. Being available is huge. He was available and playing, and that's important that the franchise can trust that you're going to be out there.

Q: Before this injury, had you at all toyed with the idea of giving Eli one last start this season?
A: No. We're just working through the season, game to game. But no.

Q: Very often in a situation like this, you're taking an older guy out to put a young guy in to see what he's got. The fact that this is reversed, does it make it… Eli has seen and done everything. Is it a little different, from your point of view, having to coach, that you don't need to get him up to speed on things? He's already up to speed.
A: Yeah, sure, in terms of getting up to speed. New for old, old for new, I think we're overthinking that. Daniel got hurt and Eli, if he has to play, will go in and do a good job. 

Q: Well, it's a very different dynamic. A lot of teams now are putting rookies in to try to get their feet wet versus putting a guy who's played 230 games. It doesn't happen a lot in this league anymore.
A: I wouldn't know what to comment on there. If Daniel can't play, Eli's going to play. Then we move on.

Q: If this is the end of Daniel's season, even if it's not, 11 games, 10 starts, how would you assess this kid and how he did this year and where he can go from here?
A: I think he made tremendous progress. He has a very, very bright future. I think that's something we'll talk about when the season is over. There are certainly things and areas that he needs to improve. But he displayed an ability to stand in there tough, make good throws, he got us in the end zone. Unfortunately, as we move along, and I think that's part of his development, some of the mistakes he made, he'll clean up as time goes on.

Q: Will you go back to Daniel when he's healthy no matter what at this point?
A: Yeah. When he comes back, sure.

Q: Besides the turnovers, where can he improve?
A: Just the little things of playing quarterback. That's all. Some of that goes unseen.

Q: He had the MRI Monday night? Is what when you found out?
A: Well, he was sore. He became more sore after I visited with you, I guess it was noon time. Then he was further evaluated through the afternoon and then into Tuesday.

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