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Quotes: QB Daniel Jones, RB Saquon Barkley, CB James Bradberry, OL Nick Gates

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: What's your reaction the news that (Head Coach Joe) Judge is staying for another year?

A: I think our job as players is to come to work. There's no secret, we know we've got to play better, we know this team certainly expected to win more games and there's a lot of work to be done. That's our focus, that's my focus going into the offseason.

Q: Was there any kind of uncertainty this morning waking up walking in wondering if you were going to get different kind of news on your coach?

A: You always hear the kind of speculation and that's part of the NFL. You hear that stuff, but like I said that's not our jobs. Our job now is to get better and improve as a team.

Q: When you look back at your relationship with Joe over the last two years, how has it kind of grown and evolved over that time? What gives you confidence that he's the guy that you guys can win with?

A: I've got a great relationship with Joe and I've learned a lot form him about the game. We'll continue to work and continue to grow in our communication. Obviously, he's overseeing everything, not necessarily offense and defense. We've worked together and worked together a lot on some big-picture things and I've learned a lot from him, so continue to work and I look forward to building this thing and obviously winning more games.

Q: I know Dave Gettleman addressed the team as well about his retirement. He's obviously the guy that brought you to the Giants when he drafted you. What was your reaction to that news?

A: Obviously, tough to see him go. He's a guy who gave me this opportunity and brought me in here, so I'll forever be grateful to him for that. I think the world of him as a guy and thought he did a good job. Tough to see him go and certainly wish him the best going forward. Just grateful for him and what he's done for me.

Q: While it certainly is a shame that you were injured for so much of this season, did standing and watching help you grow at all as a quarterback, as someone who can observe an offense that frankly didn't do very well without you? Did it provide you any lessons that could be helpful going forward?

A: I think it gives you a different perspective, standing. I think it's certainly not as helpful as playing. I think you're going to learn the most on the field playing in the game, so obviously you never want to be on the sideline watching. That's a tough spot to be in. You see a different perspective, but I'm not sure – there are things you can see, obviously, watching the game and trying to go through it like you're playing, but there's no substitute for being on the field.

Q: It looks like no matter what happens with Joe that you will have another offensive system put in, another offensive coordinator. That's speculation, but I think it's pretty educated speculation, pretty obvious speculation. What kind of a challenge will that be for you to learn a new system, learn a new offense, learn a new coordinator? Kind of a do-over after three years here already.

A: Like you said, that's speculation at this point. No decisions have been made from my understanding. Every year is different. I think the offense is going to look different this year than the year before. Since Jason (Garrett) left, it looked different, too. You're always learning and adapting, and that's part of the game. I'll certainly attack that process.

Q: How's your neck? Any updates since last time we talked to you medically-wise?

A: I'm doing good, progressing. There's a healing process that takes time, so trying to stay diligent with my rehab and treatment working with the guys here, but everything is going well and feel good.

Q: Back to Gettleman for a second, obviously when a new GM comes in he wants his new quarterback. You're at the point where you're eligible for an extension. The team has to make a fifth-year option call on you. What do you expect with a new GM? For your future, how does it impact you?

A: I think all that is speculation at this point. My job is to prepare to play as well as I can to help this team, players, help the offense prepare to play as well as it can, so that's what I'm focused on. There will be a time to have those conversations and I'll certainly be ready to do that, but my focus and my mindset, what I'm thinking about is preparing to play my best next year.

Q: Why did you feel like this offense never really clicked together? What changes need to be made so that that doesn't happen again next season?

A: I think when you look at the situation, obviously no one expected it to turn out like it did. I think when you look at what went wrong, I think you have to be smart in how you characterize it. It's never one thing. You've got to look at the picture as a whole and what's going on, so that's what we'll do going into this offseason. I certainly take a lot of responsibility in it and I think each of our guys should understand what they need to do in their roles to improve as an offense. I'm certainly going to do that. Like I said, I take a lot of responsibility in where we are and how we perform. As a group, as individuals as well, we have to analyze that, understand it, study it and then work to improve and make sure we're not in that position again moving forward.

Q: You mentioned the time frame for your neck. Are you talking weeks? Are you talking months? What kind of time frame are you looking at?

A: There's no contact for me until August, so I can do everything from a lifting, throwing, running standpoint. I'm not limited in those areas. It is a process. I think it's weeks, but it's really irrelevant at this point because I don't expect to be doing any contact.

Q: In the spring or in the summer, you're expecting to be fully cleared by then?

A: Yeah, absolutely.

Running Back Saquon Barkley

Q: What's your understanding of the head coach position right now for this organization?

A: I don't really know how to answer that. Same thing it was yesterday. We just had our exit meeting and it was business as usual. (Head Coach Joe) Judge addressed the team with the things we need to work on and things that we did good this year, what he would like for us to do in the offseason. That is what it is.

Q: What was the theme of his address I guess to the squad?

A: Just got to get better all around, every single one of us has to be better and better. We know that we have the talent in the locker room. We have the right mindset and the right group of guys and great work ethic, but we've got to get better. We've got to have the results, and this is a critical offseason and we've got to go out there in the offseason and show that we use our time wisely and get better.

Q: What disappointed you maybe personally and team-wise about this season the most?

A: I would think probably last year obviously we didn't make the playoffs. We were in a position in the last week to put ourselves in a position to make the playoffs and coming back you think that the team, we have the same team, we added key players, so the opportunity is going to be better. You're hoping for a better season, but it's just the things that you can't control. It's a lot of adversity, a lot of guys banged up with injuries and having to have guys step up and play new roles. I would say that's the biggest thing that's a disappointment because we have a lot of talent to be successful, but we've just got to find a way to win on the field. There's going to be adversity throughout the way, but we've just got to keep moving through it.

Q: How sure are you that you're going to be a better version of yourself next year?

A: I'm almost 100 percent sure to be completely honest because the only thing I can focus on is the things that I can control. I can control my work ethic. I can control my effort and my attitude this offseason. This offseason is going to be all about getting myself in tip-top shape and getting my body back to the form where I need it to be, so I can be the player that I know I am.

Q: How much have you learned over the course of a couple of years here as far as the way you came in? What people said about you then? Maybe what people say about you now? What you care about? What you don't care about? The rise and fall of a guy who has been the face maybe of the franchise for a couple years here, what have you learned about maybe becoming a star, not becoming a star, becoming a person people love and then becoming a person people maybe don't love so much?

A: I didn't learn anything really. I always knew that. My mom always told me since I was a kid, no matter if you're doing good or doing bad, people are going to have something positive to say or something negative to say. I've just got to block it out. It's kind of hard to do that in 'the Big Apple', especially the day we live in with social media. I'm active on social media, so you can go on your phone at night and look at something and it'll pop up. But my mindset – I had this conversation yesterday with my family – I'm not going to rely on people that have no impact on the success that I have or have no impact on my life dictate my feelings, whether if it's I'm trying to see something or if I see something. It's like at the end of the day, I'm very blessed. I'm playing the sport that I love at the highest level. There are a lot of people that would kill to be in my position, so I'm going to take advantage of that opportunity that God blessed me with and keep working. Like I said earlier, for everyone that is outside my world, whether that may be fans who are not fans right now or you guys that right probably something positive or mostly something negative often about me, just make sure you guys stay on that side of the table when things turn around.

Q: (Former Giants Senior Vice President and General Manager) Dave Gettleman drafted you and showed a lot of confidence in you, what's your reaction to his retirement?

A: It's sad to see him retire. I'm always forever going to be grateful and thankful for Mr. Gettleman. He gave me the opportunity to live out my dream and to come and play for an amazing organization. Obviously, I wish we were able to have a lot more success, but the things that he taught me and thing that I learned from him I'm going to continue to carry them on in my career and the messages that he kept giving me or the conversations that we have, I know I will take with me and help me kind of put my career in the right direction and finish it off the way I want it to be and how he perceived it to be, too.

Q: What will it take for this team to turn it around in your mind and do you believe it can be done?

A: I do believe it can be done. I think you see it every year throughout the National Football League, a team that did not do so well the year before and then the next year they're in playoff contention. It's the offseason. In the offseason as players, we've got to come, we've got to work and ownership and coaches they're going to do the right thing to add key additional pieces that we need for our teams. We're going to get healthier with guys like (Linebacker) Blake (Martinez) coming back and just going to keep working and do what is going to be necessary to happen for us to make us turn it around.

Q: What do you think the new GM means for you from a business standpoint? Obviously, (Dave) Gettleman was your biggest supporter. Now, there will be somebody new when you want a contract extension. When you go to it, there will be somebody new. Obviously, not every GM believes that a running back is worth paying top dollar to, so I'm curious what you think the GM change means for your future.

A: No clue. I can't control that. That's above my pay grade. I don't make those decisions, so whoever we bring in, my mindset is that I'm here, I'm a leader for this team and I'm going to go with the mindset in the offseason which is get better and try to improve in all areas of my game until I can be the player that I know I am and to help this team get back to the right direction.

Q: We know the offense struggled this year. I don't think that's a secret to anybody. I'm curious if they came to you and said, 'What would you like? How can we fix this?' where would you start there?

A: I think just as a whole we've got to be better, to be honest. There's a lot of talent, but it doesn't matter how talented you are if you're not getting the results. It doesn't matter who you bring in, if we don't go out there and make the plays that we can make, nothing is going to change, to be honest. We've got to put it on us, we've got to take that responsibility to have that mindset that whoever we bring in here, obviously they're going to put us in the right positions as players, and that's KG (Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay), that's (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones). We've got to (inaudible) that's the only thing that I can see.

Cornerback James Bradberry

Q: You've been a part of (Former Senior Vice President and General Manager) Dave Gettleman's life for the last couple of years. What's it like to see him retire?

A: It's kind of bittersweet. When I hear about retirement, I think of that person's legacy and also the hard work that they had to put into get to retirement. So, now he's going to be laying back, chilling probably on a beach somewhere and I congratulate him for that. But at the same time, I think about, he gave me an opportunity to play for the Panthers. Then, he gave me another opportunity to come here and play for the Giants, so I'm very appreciative of him and I thanked him for that out there after the speech, congratulated him as well.

Offensive Lineman Nick Gates

Q: How are you doing? We've seen you around a little bit, but not a lot. How are you doing, how are you feeling and what is your sense on what you can or might not be able to do next season?

A: I'm doing good. I'm making good steps and good strides in my rehab. I can't really tell you a specific timeline on when I'm going to be back or not. I'm just taking it day by day, just trying to get better each day and just listening to what the trainers are saying about body and just doing that.

Q: Do you have to do anymore procedures, or did they tell you it's all rehab now?

A: It's all rehab. It's been all rehab since a couple months ago. It was the first initial surgeries and now I'm good.

Q: Any fear of the worst-case scenario that you might not play again, or do you think you'll be back on the field at some point whenever that is?

A: I couldn't tell you/ I'm still taking it day by day. That's my plan is to get back on the field as fast as possible. I don't know if it's going to be this year or whatever, but just taking it day by day.


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