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David Baas Transcript


Q: How are you looking at this opportunity?A: I think it's a great opportunity, I'm really excited. It's a fresh start and it's a great organization and a great group of guys and I can't wait to get started.

Q: Do you think you fit what they want to do?A: Absolutely. I think hard nosed, get the grind and I'm a smart guy and I'll be able to pick up the playbook pretty fast. I feel like I have a good fit here, yeah.

Q: We always hear about chemistry being important on the offensive line. How are you going to be able to handle that with the short training camp?A: I think we have to handle it. Like you said, it is a short period. There were some changes and you respect the guys who were here. I know Shaun and Rich had been here for a long time and I know it's a sudden change, but I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to get to know the guys and work with them and just go out there and play football and win a championship.

Q: Is it hard to replace a player, or players, who were very popular? They go out one day and you come in the next.A: Yeah. I want to reiterate again that I have the utmost respect for them and I know it was a weird situation. That's part of the business. I have to come in here and I have to do a job. I'm going to do everything I can to gain the trust of my teammates, especially the offensive line, and show them that I deserve to be here.

Q: Jerry Reese didn't seem to have any reservations with you picking up center…A: I know I'll be able to pick it up. I mean in San Francisco I had six different coordinators in six years and six playbooks. It's a new playbook, but you transfer things and it should be a smooth transition.

Q: In the beginning of the process were you looking at playing center or playing guard? What was the market like for you?A: Truthfully, it was both. Being versatile and being able to play left guard, right guard, center, I think that's one thing that the Giants liked. I'm willing to do whatever, but right now I'm focused on center.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable at guard or center?A: Truthfully, it doesn't matter. I just want to win. I've played both so I'm able to do both. Whatever they need me to do, I'm going to do.

Q: Did you think you were going back to the 49ers?A: It was such a weird situation with the lockout that you always had that possibility. That's moved on. I'm here. I'm glad to be here. I'm ready to get started.

Q: Do you know anybody here at the Giants?A: Yeah, I know some of the guys. I've been around my class and I played against Justin Tuck in college. I know Michael Boley. Snee was a year ahead of me. I met Eli today. It's not a big deal, I'm not going to be standoffish. I'll make sure that I get to know the guys. I'll get to know them throughout this camp. Work with them, and that's the best thing to do.

Q: You and Eli are going to have to spend a lot of time together…A: Yeah. That's fine. Basically, everybody says the center is the second quarterback so I have to make sure that we're on the same page at all times, that we have the best chance to win.

Q: You played for a fiery coach in San Francisco and now you get to play for Coach Coughlin. What are your thoughts on having him as a coach?A: I'm excited. I love him. I haven't been around him but a couple of hours. I think it's a great opportunity and I think he's a great coach and I can't wait to get started.

Q: The Giants didn't know they had a hole at center until Tuesday. At what part in the process did you realize the Giants were interested and were you surprised by it?A: No, I wasn't surprised by it. I think that there were quite a few teams that were interested in me. Last season I just filled in at center and did a good job and I know I put good tape out there. I'm just glad that it worked out that I'm here.

Q: You played some guard in the past, but have you been a center for a while now?A: Last season.

Q: Just last season?A: Yeah, I kind of have been back and forth from left guard and right guard and then last season I played center.

Q: What do you like about center?A: It's a lot of responsibility, but I like that challenge. It's still a hard-nosed position. You're still going to get your pulls and your different things like you do at guard. It doesn't matter to me. I'm still going to get after it.

Q: It seems more complicated. Not a problem?A: No.

Q: What's the pronunciation of your last name?A: It's boss. I'm David "Boss" and there is also Kevin Boss. Everybody gives me the bass, but it's boss.

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