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DC Perry Fewell - 10/25


Q:  What is it about Tony Romo that gives your defense the most trouble?**A:  I wish I would expound on that.  I just think he had a really good game against us in the first ball game.  He made some plays with his feet, which is classic Tony, and stayed alive.  I thought he and Dez (Bryant) hooked up and did a good job, and he brought (Kevin) Ogletree in the game and he did a good job against us.  I think that they had a good plan and they executed their plan better than we played.

Q:  The DBs said they want to use more press coverage this week.  Why has that been more incorporated the last few weeks?A:  We've always incorporated it.  They have some freedoms, whether to do it or to not do it.  I think they felt more comfortable in doing that, pressing, and sometimes that's good and sometimes that's not so good.  We've tried to encourage them to do a little bit more of that.  Again, they have some freedoms within the coverage to  change it up and mix it up based on what the scheme is.

Q:  Is your secondary much more settled since Week 1?A:  Oh definitely.  I think we're much more settled.  We labored a little bit in that first ball game in terms of healthy bodies. 

Q:  Thoughts on Chase Blackburn this season:A:  Chase is really the key to our success because he's the quarterback of our defense.  He plays, and he gets everyone lined up, he gets everyone on the same page, and makes sure they have the proper coverages and getting the guys up front doing the things they should be doing.  In addition to that, he plays his technique and responsibility.  I think Chase has been playing very steady for us.  He's been doing the job of a Mike linebacker, and what a Mike linebacker should do.  I'm glad he's on my football team.

Q:  Thoughts on JPP in last year at Dallas:A:  I thought he dominated.  He totally dominated the football game.  It was one of those games where he was on.  It seems like…I was watching just recently where he had a sack for a safety in the ball game, he had another sack on a three-man rush in the ball game and he blocked a field goal in the game.  It seems like every run play he was there to make a tackle.  I think he just played at a high level and he was in one of those zones that he just played lights out.  I'm just hoping we can put him back into that zone when we go back into that stadium and he can play that way again.

Q:  Is the challenge to get back to that level?A:  JPP plays at a very high level.  When we watch him every week, he plays at a pretty high level every week.  For him to have the numbers…to produce those numbers consistently, that's a little bit unrealistic.  He has the capability to do that.  When I look at the tape, I see him just dominate, and it might not show up in the statistics, but it shows up on the coaches tape where he just dominates a football game.

Q:  He had a pursuit on the right sideline where he ran them down:A:  Yes he did.

Q:  Was it his play?A:  It was.  They had a screen over there on that side, and he chased it and knocked it out.  It was in a two-minute situation and he did a heck of a job.

Q:  Was that his play to make?A:  Yes.  On that particular defense, that was his play.  He was in the zone.  He was playing everything the way it should be played.  Hopefully we can get that again from him.

Q:  The cameras caught you chuckling when RGIII got the first down on that 4th and 10, is that all you could do?A:  Well if I did what I wanted to do…I don't think it would be made for TV.  You know what, that kid was amazing Sunday.  I just had to shake my head.  I don't know how…he escaped JPP, he ran around, what seems like forever, and then he threw a laser beam right to the tight end's chest.  I don't see that very often from quarterbacks, normal quarterbacks.  I thought that was a pretty unusual play.

Q:  You only have to go against him for another 10-15 years:A:  I won't have any hair, huh?

Q:  Was it as big a challenge as you anticipated?A:  Yeah.  It was a tough challenge.  I thought Washington came in with a very good scheme.  They did something that was a little bit different and it took us a little while to adjust.  We had to readjust our plan and figure out what they were actually doing.  The guy, he is a very fast football player.  He is the fastest player on the field.  When he takes off, it just seems like he's driving and everyone else is humping it.  He's running away from you.  That was impressive.  If I was a fan, I would want to watch him.  I know as a coach, I don't want to watch him. 

Q:  What were they doing that was different?A:  They just gave us a little different flavor of the preparation of the way they attacked us more than what we saw on tapes that we had studied in the past.  Again, we had to adjust during the game and try to figure out what's the best way to contain this thing.

Q:  Is your defense more in-sync than it was in Week 1?A:  Oh definitely.  I think we are more in-sync.  We still have a couple of guys on the sideline that we'll get back in the next one or two weeks.  We are getting healthier.  I expect us to play better as the time goes on.

Q:  Were you still learning about guys in the season opener?A:  No, in the season opener, we went in and had some guys who had missed a lot of camp.  When we looked at the game, and after the game, when we looked at the game this week, there were guys that played and didn't execute their techniques properly.  You could see some rust on the guys that didn't play because a lack of time at camp or missing time in practice, etc.  We just did not play good football in that first game.

Q:  Thoughts on Chris Canty's return:A:  I am just happy to have him back.  He's a big man there in the middle for us.  It just looks different when the offensive linemen have to block him because it doesn't move as fast.  Chris only played 20-25 plays last week and he was a little rusty.  There was one play that he could've made and he would've made a tackle for a loss, but the guy gained three or four yards on it because he didn't wrap it up.  You could tell he was a little rusty on some of the plays and some of the blocks he was getting.  I think you'll see him get much better quicker because he's a veteran and he knows how to play.     


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