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DC Perry Fewell

Q: What's the key to slowing down LeSean McCoy?

A: That's a tall task. I think he's playing his best football right now. He's playing with a lot of speed. We have to swarm to the football. We have to wrap tackle him in order to slow him down. We have got to be very disciplined in what we do and how we attack that offense.

Q: Is he the key to slowing down the Eagles attack?

A: They have so many weapons. I can't say he is the key, but he is one of the main keys. If he gets the run game going, it's a tough day. And then he's good in the pass game also. To me he's the main cog, but he has a great supporting cast.

Q: We again saw a quarterback put up 300 yards. Was it the same issues as week one?

A: We had some problems. Some of the issues were the same in week one. Some were different. I felt like we got better last week. I saw some improvement in our secondary play, but then I saw some lapses in our secondary play. We're a work in progress. We're going to continue to work to get it right.

Q: One of your former players said you coach players to fake injuries.

A: I can't say I've ever done that and I can't say that I haven't done that. I know that the young man was down and I was glad when he got up and was able to play. If the guy can't play to his full potential and he was hurt, then he was hurt. But I can't say I did and I can't say I've never done that. I'm not going to go back and forth about what I have coached or what I haven't coached.

Q: Is that an attack on your integrity?

A: I'm not going to respond.

Q: Was the last game against the Eagles as disappointed as you've been as a coordinator?

A: Any loss is a disappointing loss. I've watched that game a number of times. My memories are that we didn't finish the game. We didn't take care of business. We didn't finish what we started. I'd like to see us finish what we've started. We go down to get a win. I want to win. I'm looking forward to playing them again. I really am.

Q: Why was Aaron Ross benched?

A: We felt like we needed to see how he was being attacked in the football game. You see it in basketball all of the time. A guy's having a tough day, you bring him to the side, you say, 'Hey look what they're doing to you, see if you can learn something from what's happening.' Then we got him back in the football game. Aaron is our starter this week. We expect him to be better. I think he'll grow and learn from the experience.

Q: You've only been here for two games against the Eagles. Can you sense that it's been six straight losses?

A: Any time you lose two to a team they have your number to a certain degree. I know it's a great rivalry. It's a rivalry that we embrace. It's a game that we look forward to. I know that because it's the Eagles and yes, since they have won six it probably takes on a little more meaning and has a little more animosity to it. Do I sense that from my players? Not really. I think it's just the anticipation of playing the Philadelphia Eagles this week.

Q: Does this team have more speed than anyone else and how do you combat that?

A: They do have a lot of team speed, yes. They are a fast group. I think we have a good plan to try to combat that team speed and we're going to unveil that on Sunday.

Q: Any sense that Osi could play?

A: Again, he's an injured player. I just have to respect his injury right now.

Q: He's not in your plans?

A: Osi's always in my plans. If Osi can play, we would love for him to play. He's always in our plans.

Q: What plays stick out the most against the Eagles that you didn't finish?

A: More than anything, our ability to tackle, to make the tackle and get off the field. There were a number of opportunities, we had a chance to tackle Vick or tackle McCoy or tackle Jackson or whomever and get off the field. The memories are so vivid that I don't want to recall them because I'm looking forward to this next opportunity. But just our ability to tackle and finish what we started.

Q: Did you have nightmares going over the tape?

A: No. I tried to learn from the tape what I could do better, how I could call the game better, how I could put our players in better position for them to have success, how they attacked us. So I can learn the tactics of the next ballgame. Those are the things that I tried to learn from the tape.

Q: When a team is in a no-huddle how do you combat that? How do you ensure you have 11 guys on the field that are versatile enough for any situation?

A: We have a sub package that we use that can handle all of that. We went to that sub package in the ballgame on Monday. No matter what they put out, we can put out any personnel group that they come out in. We have plans. We have that package. Obviously, yes I do like to use a lot of personnel and mix up my looks and have guys play different roles within our defense, but I have a catch-all defense.

Q: Is that because guys like Kiwanuka and Canty can play multiple positions?

A: Yes. That is true.

Q: Are you trying to find out if Vick is playing?

A: We're preparing for Michael [Vick] as if he would play on Sunday. Because it's Philadelphia it doesn't really matter who plays though. For me as a coach, we would love to play against Michael, but first is his health first, his safety as a player. We'll play whomever is at quarterback.

Q: How does a defense combat speed?

A: We have a plan for that, we'll unveil it on Sunday.

Q: In general?

A: I can't speak in general because I'll be kind of giving away what we're going to do, but I think that we have a good plan for that.

Q: What did you learn from your plan against Vick last year?

A: Never relax. Really. Never relax.

Q: It almost worked, you have to be happy?

A: We thought we were on the right track both times. There are always things you can improve in the plan, but you never relax with the Philadelphia Eagles. I give them a lot of credit. They had the fortitude to come back in that second football game as well as that first football game. They were mentally strong and we have to do as such. We have to be mentally strong. We have to keep pressing forward.

Q: Does that mean be more aggressive?

A: It has a lot of different meanings. You never relax when you have a lead. You never relax when you think you have the tackle made and don't finish the tackle. You never relax on your assignments and saying that hey, 'I'm going to take a gap that I shouldn't take and gamble with the defense.'  As a coordinator, I never say relax in a situation that maybe I can burn the clock more and do some things to help our defense take some time off of the clock.

Q: When you hear a player in your division say that he's going to go after another injured player in your division what goes through your head?

A: I think sometimes that's a lot of talk. It's a competitive game and guys want to have a psychological advantage. They say things and put things out there. But really I think it's more bravado than anything else.

Q: Is it part of the gamesmanship?

A: I think so. Gamesmanship, bravado, however you want to call it, I think that guys try to put something in the mind of the player that hey, 'I'm going to come after your ribs or I'm going to come after your leg,' or what have you. These guys respect each other too much. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it happens by accident. Sometimes it's not by force, it's by accident.

Q: The plan for Kafka doesn't alter from the plan for Vick?

A: I won't reveal that.

Q: After you blitzed Rolle at Vick did you notice that other teams were doing that?

A: We saw some similar styles of how to attack him. And we learned from other people of how to attack him also and there were some good thoughts and ideas out there. Obviously we incorporated some of the different thoughts and ideas that people had.

* *

Q: How much of the defense does Prince know?

A: We're continuing to test him every couple of days, mentally. That's all we can do. The mental part of the game is the most important part of the game for him right now. When you combine the mental and the physical, like how quickly you can react and how quickly you can make the right choices out there, we really don't know. He's a long way off. He missed all of camp. We're in the second week, really the third week of the season and so it's going pretty fast. I'll embrace when he comes back and he'll have to play catch-up and we'll find out where he is.

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