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DC Perry Fewell Interview


Q: How good is the Patriots passing offense?

A: Anytime you face Tom Brady it is pretty difficult. They have a good cast of characters and Tom has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league for the last 5-10 years. It is always a tough challenge.

Q: Do you have to change your focus because they are a passing offense?

A: No, we still have to stop the run and we still have to play good defense and not give up anything over the top. He can pick you apart obviously so we have to be smart in what we do and how we do it.

* *

Q: How have you evolved since the Giants last played them?

A: I wasn't here four years ago but I will say that we do count on our pass rush to help our pass defense. We will count on our pass rush to help our pass defense again.

* *

Q: Do they get frustrated with quarterback pressure?

A: We would like to think so but that may be patting yourself on the back and you would be setting yourself up for failure. Tom is very smart and their coaching staff is extremely smart too. I think they will have a plan for things that Pittsburgh did against them and we will see how that unfolds on Sunday and see if Tom is confused.

Q: What advantages do you have playing five defensive linemen?

A: More pressure and one-on-one blocks. You are trying to get good matchups in pass rush and sometimes in the run game. We just want to show a different look to the offense and give them something else to think about.

* *

Q: How have you been able to shut down tight ends this season after a rough opening game?

A: Week One was a tough week for us period because we were coming off injuries and those types of things. Our guys have been more focused and we have been a work in progress in the secondary. We continue to be a work in progress and I think they are focused more.

* *

Q: How difficult is it to defend New England's tight ends?

A: It is very difficult. In our opinion, Hernandez is like a wide receiver. He can go out and run routes like a wide receiver. He and Tom won the Dallas game with a dig route that he ran with a good throw and he made the catch. He will be a handful for us to handle.

Q: How much do you use what other teams do against your opponent?

A: You gain ideas from other people when you see that if you have the personnel to do that. You do want to do some things if it is successful. We have our own ideas or things we want to do but you do learn what caused the offense problems or caused Tom Brady problems identifying the defense.

Q: How will Jason Pierre-Paul's injury hurt on Sunday?

A: We don't think so, it is just something that happened in practice and it was just precautionary measures.

Q: Do you think Prince will play?

A: We will have to see on Saturday. Prince is practicing every day and we like what we see in practice. We don't have the green light so to speak. If he practices on Friday and comes through on Friday, then we will evaluate again and Tom will make a decision.

* *

Q: How much flexibility does he give you if he can play?

A: He gives us another good cover guy. They have good tight ends so maybe you can put a corner on a tight end rather than a linebacker on a tight end etc. He gives us a lot of flexibility.

* *

Q: How do you trust a rookie who has not played?

A: You have to put him out there and find out. We drafted him and we think he is a good football player. Obviously, he hasn't had the privilege of having a preseason in that type of environment but you have to go with your gut and say if he can play, let him play.

* *

Q: What makes Welker so good?

A: He works hard every single play and that is where he is a little bit different than other receivers. He is going to give you 110 on every single play. He is going to try to get open and he has great communication with his quarterback. That combination makes it really difficult.

* *

Q: What did you think about Ike Taylor shadowing Welker the whole game?

A: I thought it was awesome. I said I wish I had Ike Taylor to play for us this week and do the same thing.

Q: Do you have a guy to shadow him?

A: We have a guy and we think we have players that can do those types of things. Will we do that, we won't reveal that.

* *

Q: Why have the rookie linebackers taken a step back recently?

A: It is experience and it is the pro game. They are getting attacked in different ways that they have never been attacked before. It is the run and the pass. It is experience and reps and they are getting knowledge and know how. That is the thing that they need.

* *

Q: What do you see from Greg Jones?

A: I thought he has done ok. I thought he has gotten better in certain areas in the pass game. We like him to be more aggressive in the run game. He continues to grow and get better for us.

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