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DC Perry Fewell Interview


Q: Were you pleased with your guys' effort, urgency, all of that stuff?

A: I thought we played with more energy. We played with greater purpose last week. We look for them to play like that every week.

Q: What about the results?

A: We wanted the W. We didn't finish it. If we would have gotten the W and finished it, obviously we would have been pleased. But I think we proved to ourselves that we can play hard for 60 minutes.

Q: What did you make of Chase Blackburn's performance?

A: I was glad Chase was available for us. I thought he did a very commendable job being here for three days and recalling what we installed and put in. My hat was off to Chase.

Q: Looked like there was an assignment error on the touchdown to Driver. At this time of the year, how critical is it to clear those things up? They seem to be recurring.

A: It's extremely critical. We've had some moving pieces and sometimes when you cover things and the guy moves to another position and that piece moves, you think you cover it and you think you got it manned-out and it's not. So we have to do a better job as coaches of making sure that we cover all of the details and make sure that those things are cleaned up. It's very critical at this time of year.

Q: It seemed like it was veteran players who made the mistake. Was it because Antrel Rolle was back in more of a safety position?

A: Right, yes.

Q: You have two veterans who were talking, but because Antrel was back…

A: In an unfamiliar position, yes, right. We probably haven't run that rep at him in practice. We run it with another safety, which was Kenny, probably at practice. So when Kenny went down and we had to make changes, etc., you don't always have a chance to rep those things when that situation occurs like that.

Q: What's the concern now because Tyler Sash looks like he'll play?

A: We haven't ruled Kenny out and if Kenny can go, Kenny will go, but next man up for us. We've had to be that way all year. So the next man will come up.

Q: Can Tyler handle it?

A: Oh yeah. We have confidence Tyler can handle those things. No doubt.

Q: When you have all of these pieces moving, how much are you being forced to hold back?

A: It definitely disrupts your continuity. So the mistakes that you saw there, the one that you just pointed out there, it disrupts your flow and your continuity. We've covered this and we've covered this, but we have to go back and do that. You don't expand as much as you'd like to and you try to make sure you're fundamentally sound in what you do.

Q: I know last year around this time when you lost Kiwanuka Tom was telling you, 'Don't cry over spilt milk.' Do you have those same kind of thoughts?

A: Six corners and three backers. You can't cry over spilt milk. We're in a position right now that hey, we have to come out and play. Nobody feels sorry for our situation. We know that. I think the guys are really trying to do a good job of focusing and doing what we're asking them to do. We just have to try to get it done.

Q: Do you regret anything you said last week?

A: When you say, 'Regret anything I said,' I just spoke from the heart. I didn't try to demean our players or I didn't try to demean anything about what we do or how we do it. I just tried to tell the truth, but I probably shouldn't have said some things I said, but I just spoke from the heart.

Q: Do you think all the intangible stuff – the passion, the fire – will make it to Dallas as well?

A: I'm confident that it will make it to Dallas. This is a big, important game for us. I think the players know that. We know that as a coaching staff we're in a position to do some things that we like to do. I think the passion and the fire will be there.

Q: A guy we haven't asked a lot about this year seemed to show up a lot on Sunday, Linval Joseph. What did you think about that performance?

A: His best game, without a doubt. And I was happy that he performed like he did. He was hustling all over the field. I think he had 10 tackles in the football game. He was a man that played with passion and played with fire. And we had been looking for that from Linval all year long. We look for that Sunday in Dallas.

Q: Has he played more than you had expected him to play this year?

A: No. He and Rocky Bernard really kind of share those reps over on that left side and he'll sub in for Chris Canty. Linval's playing about 35-45 snaps a game now. Yes, he's playing more snaps, but obviously I'd like to get off the field so we don't have to play more snaps.

Q: How many snaps did JPP play last week?

A: I'm going to say 70.

Q: You don't want it to be that high?

A: No. I never want it to be that high. We want it to be 60 or less, definitely. I'm pretty sure that he played in that range.

Q: I would imagine it's tough to get him off the field.

A: You have to pry him off the field and we have to tell him, 'Hey JPP, take a rest.' But he loves to play the game and he plays the game hard and fast. We think he can play harder and faster when he doesn't play as much. I thought he performed well last week.

Q: Do you recall how many hurries you had him down for?

A: No, I don't. Not off the top of my head.

Q: It was a big number though.

A: I think he did get after the quarterback pretty well last week.

Q: Is he being handled differently now by opposing offenses?

A: I think they recognize who he is and I think they respect him a little bit more than what they did earlier in year. So handled differently, yes. I would say yes to that.

Q: Is he doubled more? A: He's chipped. Before that receiver or tight end goes out in coverage, they put a hand on him and then they get into their routes. Then you can also see a back come looking for him at times. They pay a lot more attention to him.

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