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DE Adewale Ojomo


Q: How did the film review today go?
A: I was real critical of myself. There's things that I can definitely improve on.

Q: Is this technical stuff?
A: Yeah. Technical stuff but I was very pleased with my effort.

Q: What kind of argument for a roster spot do you think you put together?
A: The coaches will go and evaluate the film again tonight and then make their decisions, so hopefully we'll know something by tomorrow.

Q: If not here, do you think somewhere else?
A: I pray to God.

Q: What do you think the next couple of days will be like for you?
A: I'm really nervous right now at this point. This is my livelihood. It's a lot banking on this, so I'm kind of nervous right now. I'll just be getting my mind mentally ready for whatever comes.

Q: Could you explain to somebody who doesn't play football for a living what this is like to wait for the final cut?
A: It's similar to the draft or it's similar to going on a job interview and presenting your resume and trying to get a job.

Q: Tuck said he didn't see this out of you. He didn't see this coming out of you as a player and he said you continued to listen and continued to work. What kind of environment has this been for you to grow?
A: It's been a great environment. It's a process. It doesn't just happen overnight. People don't see what goes into it. Listening, adjusting and Osi and those guys and Coach Robert Nunn, so it's just a lot of work. I wasn't just going to come here because my senior year in college, I had one and a half sacks. Coming in here learning from those guys made a big improvement.

Q: The fact that the Giants have had so many good speed rushing defensive ends must have been attractive for you.
A: It's the best defensive line in the NFL, so you've got to be able to come here and take something from each and everyone of those guys.


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