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DE Adrian Tracy - 12/21

Q: If Justin can't go, I guess you would be the next defensive end up. Do you feel like you're ready for that if called upon?
A: Yes, sir. Every week I go into the game plan prepared. I get my mentality right to focus on what is required of me in the different positions that I fill and that's what you want to be is prepared at all times in case something happens where you're called on.

Q: Have you done all defensive end work this week?
A: There are certain packages that switch things up, but I've been able to pretty much play the end.

Q: Do you think Justin is going to play this week?
A: I have no idea. I thought it was a precautionary thing for him as far as not practicing and what not, but I'll be ready and if I'm called upon, I'll fill my role.

Q: How excited would you be to get a chance?
A: Ecstatic. This is what you want to do. You want to play. You want to get out on the field and you want to contribute to the team and do anything to help them win. In San Francisco, when I got the opportunity, I was on cloud nine and if it presents itself this week, I'll have the same feeling.

Q: Did you think that was going to continue after you made that impact?
A: Initially, yeah. There was a role that was made for me and they thought that I played well at that position and I thought that my role would increase, but in due time. Things happen.


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