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DE Brandon Crawford

Q: What are the thoughts going through your head as you approach this opportunity?

A: I've been staying focused. I'm the new guy, just like everyone else. I'm trying to absorb it, take everything in, and learn as much as I can as fast as I can.
Q: What kind of shot do you give yourself?

A: As much chance as everyone else. I'm in shape and my body is in good health. I feel great. It's a matter of me getting out there and being able to execute.
Q: After you got out of the Marines, what made you decide to continue?

A: Well I've always had education, first and foremost. It has been a mainstay for me. So, I wanted to pursue an education. I always told myself that. I was an athletic kid growing up and I always played sports, whether it was track, football, or baseball, what have you, along with basketball as well. I told myself I had an opportunity, so I'd ask the coaching staff and see if it was a possibility for me and that's what I did. It worked out that I had that opportunity and that's how I pursued it.
Q: How did it come down with the Giants in particular?
A: They called me. My agent, Mike Wozniak of Empower Sports, has been working hard for me and getting all the PR stuff and everything going on. He was talking to a bunch of different teams, and ended up talking with them a little while later on Sunday after the Draft. I got a call later on to come in, and I confirmed and accepted it. I got my itinerary and was on the plane.
Q: Has Tom Coughlin said anything to you?

A: Yes he did. He stopped me when I was coming down the hall. He pulled me to the side and asked if I had been overseas, and I told him I was stationed stateside and hadn't been overseas. He said I have been following your story, so far it's a good story and he asked if I was ready to go to work, and I said, 'Sir, yes sir.' 

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