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DE Dave Tollefson Transcript


Q: Before you were re-signed by the Giants, were you at all concerned about whether or not you were coming back?A: No, I wasn't.  I have such good relationships with coach Nunn and Coach Coughlin and obviously they know my skill set and they wanted me back.  It was just a matter of the timing of it and how it was going to work out but I never once was concerned that I didn't have a place here. I've done well here and I feel like the organization has respect for a guy like me.

Q: Were there other possibilities elsewhere?A: Yeah, obviously there was, but the grass isn't always greener, as they say.* *There are a lot of things that go into making a decision like this that aren't money and stuff like that, and I feel for me and my family I made the right decision.

Q: Dave, how are you? Good to see you.A: I'm good man, good. I've got a job. You guys have got a job obviously so we're good.

Q: Are you bigger?A: No, 267, maybe a little leaner.  It's hot in Omaha. About 115 with the heat index so I don't have a choice.

Q: Speaking of numbers, I noticed they gave yours away?A: I got it back.  I had it back the minute I signed.

Q: Did you have to pay for it?A: No, I don't have the kind of money to buy it back.

Q: You said it was a one-year deal right?A: Yeah, exactly.

Q: So, one-year deal – that's not much security.A: Yeah, it isn't, but I've always signed one year deals here and it's kind of like you're waiting, I want to get to free agency, I want to get to free agency and then you test the market.  You know I've been buried on the depth chart here.  You've got two All Pros in front of me, two first round picks also. Like I said, is the grass always greener?  I kind of found out maybe it isn't. So, obviously I'll have to go through that again next year.  It's going to be a little longer free agency period but at this point it's such a non-issue.  I've signed one-year deals for the last five years so it has no bearing on anything that's happening now.

Q: You kind of know what your role will be here.  Was there an opportunity elsewhere for a bigger role?A: Well I think the opportunities maybe somewhere else could've been a little better to play a little more on the d-line but that's all speculation.  With the uncertainty of this whole thing, how the lockout unfolded and stuff, I don't make money speculating.  That's up to the ESPN guys.  My money is made in factual information and I've performed here well and that's why I came back.

Q: Osi's not practicing because of his contract.  Are you feeling like you were brought back to put pressure on him?A: No, I ended my holdout. No, I don't think so.  Like I said, we've been playing together for so long now.  You could argue that maybe if they brought someone else in but I'm just Dave, man.  Osi knows me, the Giants know me, I am what I am.

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