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DE Jason Pierre-Paul - 11/23


Q:  You see it as a six-game season now?**
A: We have six games to play. Who knows how it's going to go? Like Coach Perry (Fewell) said, "We control our own destiny," just like last year. It's six games, we should play them all like they're must-win games. We have to play each game one-by-one. We don't know what's going to happen, but we can just go out there and give it our best shot. That's basically what we can do.

Q:  If you win, you're up two games in the NFC East with five games remaining:
A: We're not even worried about where we're at right now. Let's just go out there and play like a team that's the underdogs and we're losing right now. That can get over your head, but we need to just go out there and play as a team and play as one. Let's win these games that we know we can win if we put our minds and our hearts to it. It's up to us. It's not up to the coaches, the only thing that the coaches do is the play-calling, but they can't go in our bodies. We're the ones that are sacrificing our bodies to play this game. I have faith in my teammates to do what we can do; go out there and execute our plays. The second half of the season; people don't even remember what you do in November and December.

Q:  What are some of the keys to having success against Aaron Rodgers?
A: We go in there, and we game plan, and we look at what we did last year and what's going on this year, what's current right now. He's doing a great job this year. That's a good team. The receivers…the offensive line is a good offensive line. We have to go out there and fire our best shots.

Q:  What's the importance of keeping Aaron Rodgers in the pocket?
A: You have to. He can scramble, and he's very good at scrambling. We don't want that, when a team scrambles, especially a quarterback, it's a long day for us. You have to turn and chase, you don't know if he's going to get 10 yards and then it's first and 10 all of a sudden. When a quarterback scrambles that's as athletic as him (Rodgers), it's a long day, especially for us d-linemen. That's with any d-linemen in the league. That's what makes him a special quarterback. Being a special quarterback, you can do that. You can pass, run, and you need a quarterback like that. We just have to do what we do best and stop the run. First of all, stop the run, then everything will show for itself. That's basically it.


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