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DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: How's the adjustment period been so far?

A: It's been great. Just going out there and running plays, getting reps and stuff.

Q: Did you see it as important to get here on time?

A: Yeah it was. It was real important to get in with the whole group. The conditioning test, I didn't want to do by myself. It was real important for me to get in on time.

Q: Talk about the difference at this level from what you're used to.

A: Everything's fast. Basically fast. Training camp, everything's fast. But I'm used to it though.

Q: Do you think about pretty much five years ago when you were in high school, when you started football and where you are now, in the NFL, does that boggle your mind?

A: Sometimes. Yeah it does. I never thought that I would be here right now. I tried something out from basketball to football. I just stuck with it and now I'm here.

Q: At what moment did it become reality that you were a Giant?

A: NFL Draft day and then I signed my contract.

Q: How about here?

A: Yeah, with the players and stuff.

Q: Was it intimidating coming in not having the same experience as the other guys?

A: No, not really. Basically I just focused on the other players and see what they do and play my game and just do what I do.

Q: When you say you're used to being fast, you're used to it because of the spring or you're used to it because of college? I imagine it's faster than college.

A: Yeah, it's faster than college. Just my physical body wise and stuff, I just go, just go to the play. If I make a mistake, I just run fast to the play.

Q: In the span of three years, you've gone from junior college, to D-1, to the pros. That's a really quick adjustment in three years. How much of an adjustment has it been?

A: It's been a lot actually because from college to another college to the NFL to the Giants. I've been adjusting so fast. When I got here, they worked on my stance. I had to change it quick, but I got it down pat. Coach taught me how to do it. You do it different with both of the ends out wide, I just put my outside hand down, but I adjusted to it real fast.

Q: Why do you think you've been able to make those adjustments so quickly?

A: I guess when I started I wanted to be the best. I feel like everything I do, I go fast. Like 110 per cent.

Q: What did they want you to adjust with your stance?

A: I came from an under-defense, so I put my right hand down, but when I'm on the other side I have to switch hands.

Q: They want you to use both of your hands?

A: Not both of my hands, my outside hand.

Q: But depending on what side you're on…

A: Yeah.

Q: When they gave you the playbook, what did you think? I'm sure it was huge.

A: No, coach was talking about it and I was looking at it and I was like "damn." But I got used to it and stuff. When you go into meetings, you just listen and you'll get it.

Q: How much of it is just repetition? You can read it and look at it, but just going out there and doing it.

A: All of it.

Q: This is really your first full training camp ever, right?

A: Yeah it is. I was just saying that out on the field. This is my first actual training camp. I'm getting the hang of it. It's fun, especially with the Giants players and offensive line. They're funny.

Q: What was it like for you when you signed that contract and looking at those numbers? Was that just insane?

A:  Yeah it was. They explained it to me because coming from college you just play to have fun and win a bowl game. Now you're actually playing for money, but it's cool.

Q: Were guys giving you grief about it?

A: Yeah, they were. They made jokes about it. They had me get up, say my name, and what school, my contract and I was getting ready to sing and all they were like "No, just sit down. Sit down."  It was alright. I'm getting the hang of it. I'm having fun.

Q: You said the offensive linemen are funny?

A: Yeah and the defense. The whole team is funny.

Q: But in mini-camp you were involved in a scrum with the offensive linemen, right?

A: Yeah, yeah. It was cool. We get into altercations and stuff. It's cool.

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