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DE Jason Pierre-Paul


Q: Are the Eagles different from last year?

A: They are a different team. They have good players on their team. Their offensive line has been pretty good. We just have to find away to get around them and stop the run and their passing game. They are a good team and a fast team. They play very quick. I am looking forward to playing them.Q: Does it feel like you have a different role against the Eagles?

A: We have a couple injured players, Osi is still out so I have to fill his role and stuff. I just have to go out and play.

Q: Do you feel sorry for yourself after looking at all the injuries to this team?

A: No, you can't feel sorry for yourself. You just have to go out there regardless of the fact that you have injured players and a couple starters out. The next man has to just play in his place and play football.

Q: Do you worry about other players getting injured?

A: Not at all. That is the game of football. You just have to prepare for it and the next man just has to step up.

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