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DE Jason Pierre-Paul


Q: Do you expect Osi to be the starter?
A: Yes. I knew when he came back, he would get his starting position back. It is cool.Q: You don't feel like you earned that spot?
A: No, because the way I play, when they put me in, I am going to get a sack regardless. It is not if you start, you can come off the bench and you can do the same thing. It is just the way you play. There are enough snaps. I am going to get at least 40 or 50 snaps every game because people do get tired.Q: How much better are you as a player this season?
A: I think I am a lot better because I think I know what is going to be thrown at me. I know the play calling and I see the field more. The more snaps you get, the better you can be.Q: Do you get tired more?
A: I played in 64 snaps and out of those 64, maybe five or six times and my shoe came off one of those times.  Q: Can more rest help you?
A: It can help any defensive player if you can have a backup that come in and get you out for a blow or two. It helps a defensive player and it helps me stay fresh.  Q: Was it good to see Osi back?
A: It was good. It was good to see him back and he looks good. He is going to get better.

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