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DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: How has your game changed from when you first came into the league?
A: I'm not hesitating anymore.  I just go out there and play my game

Q: You actually do have new moves?  Like new pass rushing things?
A: I'm just doing better every day.  They say that I'm going to get … somewhere, somehow.

Q: How nice is it to come into this camp with all of the pass rushers back from last year?
A: It's great.  We're very excited and ready to go.  We did a lot of things for the last couple of camp days and everybody's ready to go and ready for that first preseason game.

Q: How much of a benefit is it where you look at some teams who would love to have one of you guys on their team?
A: We have lots of options.  We have lots of packages and it's great to have a lot of guys that can play all across the board.  The front line, that's a good thing.

Q: And it looked like you didn't like that too much and the next play you went in and batted away an Eli pass, or something like that.  Do you remember that sequence right there?

A: Coach tells us not to bat passes down, and I guess I was trying to jump and I think it was Beatty or Booth, one of them grabbed me when I was in the air, and I didn't like that.  But that's where they …, the offensive line, so the next pass, I faked them and blocked them.

Q: I mean, technically you're not supposed to bat the ball down.
A: I know, right.  They can't have that. 

Q: Did that one hurt, because it looked like it hit you pretty solid.
A: No, it doesn't hurt.  You're used to it and that's what you do. 

Q: The one where he grabbed you was the one you batted it down, or the one where he tried to grab you?
A: The one where he grabbed me, I was just pissed off.

*Q: So, you don't really show that that much. *
A: No, I just go out there to have fun.  The game of football is all about fun.  Somebody might try to talk trash to you, but that doesn't affect my game.  When I do get upset, I just show it on the football field. 

Q: Do you get better when you're upset?
A: I don't know. I don't know at all.

Q: Because you're not …
A: But you would never know.

Q: Last year, there were times on the field where you just got ticked off at times?
A: Yeah, when some offensive lineman was holding.


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