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DE Jason Pierre-Paul


Q: Are you embarrassed by what ended up coming out to the public?**
A: Not at all. It was something that happens in here. It's supposed to stay in here. Unfortunately it got leaked out. I'm not embarrassed it but me and Prince know we're all family in this locker room and it's something that leaked out.

Q: Was your action mean spirited in any way?
A: Not at all. I felt like me and Prince, we're cool. All the guys around here are cool. We're all like families to each other. It's just something that we were just having fun and it got out of proportion. The media took it out of proportion.

Q: You could have hurt him.
A: Yea. It looked like it was a big slam, but it really wasn't. I softened it up, but it just looks [that way because] I'm a bigger guy.

Q: What happened that led up to that?
A: It's something about the team knows about. I'm not going to put it out there. We were just having fun and that's basically it.

Q: Has he done anything to you?
A: No. Not at all. Prince has never done anything to me. Me and Prince are very cool.

Q: With all the hazing and bullying incidents, are you maybe not surprised that it's a big deal? You're the guys that people look up to…
A: That's true. I'm going to be… of the kids. That people took it a totally different way is… Like I didn't take it that way. Even the guys in the locker room didn't take it that way. For it to be out there and leaked to the media, it's totally different. People look at it different [outside of] the locker room.

Q: Is it more of a case of a professional athlete misusing Twitter or social media?
A: I don't think Steve meant [any] harm [by] it. I think he meant for it to be funny. For us guys, it was funny. To the media and to all the fans, they didn't find it funny. I apologize to the fans and my fans and that's basically it. It was a joke that gone bad.

Q: Did Tom say anything to you today?
A: He said something to the whole team. He explained the situation of what's going on and he told us not to do anything like that. It can harm our teammates. We understand the concept of what Tom Coughlin was telling us and that was basically it. It was nothing to harm Prince. Me and Prince are a family. All of these guys in the locker room are a family. I would never try to hurt one of my teammates. We need them all.

Q: Anything to be construed here that there's problems in the locker room in any way?
A: There is no problem in this locker room. The Giants have a great organization and we follow every rule that's in the book. It's just a great family. There's no problem in this locker and nothing at all.

Q: So no limits from Coach on the future of social media use?
A: Coach tells us all the time about social media use and what we should do and what we should put out there. It was just a joke that Steve thought would be so funny and he showed the media and the media took it wrong and the fans took it wrong. After that, it is what it is. It's out there now and we'll try to clean things up.

Q: Did Coughlin warn you about hazing or about social media?
A: He warned us about social media.

Q: But he was O.K. with the…
A: No. I didn't say that. Come on now. We all family. What goes on in this organization… We know the concept of it and I'm not trying to harm Prince or any one of my teammates. We need them all to play this game of football and that's basically it.

Q: Will pranking and horseplay will always be apart of the football locker room?
A: I think it will always be apart of football and inside the sports locker room. Only the guys in the locker room knows what's going on and people might take it the wrong way.

Q: Is there a message here going forward that you think that you've learned or teammates learned?
A: Basically not to haze people in a different away and not to tweet things out. People might take [it the wrong way]… Whatever we do in this locker room stays in this locker room. It's football. Guys are going to have fun and we have fun and only the football players will understand.

Q: Was it your first year dunking people?
A: It was my first year? Actually, yeah. It's my first year and this is my last year.


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