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DE Jason Pierre-Paul Interview


Q: How confusing is it for the opposing offensive line when they see what your defense does with personnel?A: From our side of the ball, when we do it we know what we are doing but when we do it to the offense, the quarterback doesn't know where we are going. He has to read coverage and he doesn't know if we are dropping or rushing. It is a good thing for the defensive end and the whole defense because our backside can drop into coverage and confuse the quarterback.

Q: Have you seen it more in the last few games?A:  Yes, and it is ok with us because we get to the quarterback more basically.

Q: How has the defense been able to get 11 sacks in the last couple games?A: We are doing what we are supposed to do and we are stopping the run first, getting to the quarterback is a sack but we have to play the run first. If you can't stop the run, then you can't get to the quarterback. You have to shut the run game down.

Q: The last couple games you how have you been able to stop the run?A: We improved through practice and coach told us what we were doing wrong. We were executing the plays in practice pretty well. We came out here last Sunday and executed the plays and came out with a victory and in the end that is really what counts.

Q: Did you expect to have this big of an impact in your career this fast?A: Actually, I knew that I was going to have a great year this year. I came in and last year I had an alright season and I wanted to do better than what I did last year. Next year or next season in 2012, I should be better than this year.

Q: What have you seen the Falcons offensive line doing differently now compared to early in the season?A: I don't know, I haven't really studied the tape yet. When I do study the tapes, I am going to go back to the previous tapes and the previous teams that they played and look at what they have executed on the offensive tackles and stuff. I will see what they are doing differently and get after them.

Q: Do you feel like the Giants have come together as a team?A: Yes, we are coming together as a team. We should have been playing all year like this but it takes time. Our defense was kind of sluggish at the first part of the season and second half of the season but we are getting it right. It takes time and we are taking it day-by-day and getting it right. We are in the playoffs and that is all the counts, we just have to finish it out, we can win out and that is how I see it.

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